Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a very fun halloween....We had a scary vampire, and the dark knight (as little gavinator says "I'M BATMAN")..We also had joey who really wanted to be robin!! The kids had a great night. We want to wish everyone a very "Happy Halloween". For all you twilight lovers....dont you think MR.C looks just like Edward!!! What a cutie!!!!

Funny story from this morning:
This morning I had to work for two hours and then go and pick up Mr.C from preschool. Mr. C got to dress up today for school and so then little G wanted to dress up to go to work with me. So we had him dress up in his play batman costume. As we were driving..he says "..miss RRReerrrr"(that is how he says his brothers name)He isnt so fond of going to work with me unless his big brother is there with him. He really misses Mr.C when we bring him to school and then drive away. I told little G that everything would be ok and that we would see Mr.C after school. I told him that we are going to have sooo much fun at club sport. I then told him everyone will be soo excited to see his batman costume. (when mr. c is not at club sport with us, then little G spends alot of time crying while i am working) He looks at me with this really concerned face and says..." dont leave batman." It was adorable. He didnt want me to leave poor little batman. He hates it when i dont work with him in kids world...he likes me to be with his age group so then technically i get to be with him...but the minute i leave for another age group he is gets sooo upset. I told him Batman is brave and loves kids world...I told him there is no crying at kidsworld and that work is fun...He then looks at me and says "ya fun..but a little bit scary!" That silly little boy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


WARNING:: LONG POST!! It is ok if you fall asleep reading!!

What a fun filled weekend we had! We made it to ROLOFF FARMS!! It was sooo awesome. J was making fun of me the whole day..he thinks I am a little pople big world "stalker"! hahaha! He wasnt too excited about the whole idea of going out there..He has a little "phobia" ...but he was a good sport. I am positive he had a good time. He doesnt watch the show..but the kids and i are hooked. Mr. C has been wanting to go and meet the kids. He always talks about wanting to play soccer with them..I knew that he would probably not get the chance to play soccer with them...but i thought if we all went to the pumpkin patch he would at least be able to see them in person.

We(meaning basically mr.c and i) have been wanting to go to Roloff farms for at least two years but it has never worked out. This year I was determined to get there...We decided to go on Sat afternoon.

When i was at work sat morning i was talking to the girls about going to the farm that afternoon. They all had worried looks on their faces. They said " are you crazy". A few of them had been last year, and they said the crowds were horrbile. The line for the tour is always crazy long. It can back up for over a half a mile. But i was still determined to go. I knew it was the last weekend it was open. We were going on a sat for peets sake, so i didnt know what to expect...i knew it would be crowded..i just didnt know how crowded it would be. I kinda figured we would try to get their a little bit before it closing and then hopefully it would not be such a mad house. We all know how my husband loves crowds! And we all remember how "excited"he was at the beginning to go!! hahaha!

So i get home from work and i am scrambling to get everyone out the door...thanks michelle and greg for being so patient with our super SLOW family! ...ok...well super slow J...hahaha! love ya babe! WE finially made it out the door..and it was only about 30 minutes after i had planned on leaving..(man are we ever ontime??!!)

We pull in to Roloff Farms...I am soooo freakin excited. Greg and Michelle are kids are excited. I keep telling J how exciting this is going to be.
It was soo cool to see it all in person..and not on TV. Their is a cop sitting at the enterence making sure traffic is getting through. You can see kids directing traffic through for parking...and as you drive in you see the huge crane where the the TV crew is filming. J is just a little bit frustrated because he really didnt want to deal with a ton of people and he really didnt want to wait in a huge line...but again michelle and I were determined...we couldnt wait...
So we get out and walk down to the Farm. We talk over what we want to do..They offer a couple tours. One is of the little "old town" area and then you can get to see the pirate ship and castle Matt roloff made...Or they do a tour of the property. We wanted to to the tour of the little town. You get to stop in the little "old town" . You can walk around take pictures then at the end his son Zach is there so you can take pictures with him. Michelle and I send the men up to buy tickets. I look down and i see a line...i look carefully and see that it is Amy Roloff taking pictures with people...SWEET!!! We want our picture with her too... I am sooo pumped because it really isnt very crowded...we lucked out big time!

So the husbands get back and we go get in line for the famous "tour". I was expecting this crazy long line...but it wasnt long at all. We waited in line for maybe 5 minutes. As we were waiting we see matt roloff...We get on the wagon tour and we make our way to old town. On our way into town we see The oldest twin Jeremy Roloff. The Roloff house is seriously amazing! It is sooo beautiful! I love the remodel they have done....the kids are excited to get into old town and then to also see the pirate ship they built. We take some pics, admire how awesome this "old town is... and then we make our way over to get pics with Zach. Mr.C is pretty excited...Little G is totally freakin out. He completly freaked out when Amy Roloff tried to hold him for the group pic..and he freaked out again when we stood by zach. He is scared freakin to death of these little people ..i am thinking maybe it is because they are the same size as him..but look like adults... but who knows..he just gets freaked out...(i think he is related to his dad)soooo funny...Then we have noah(michelle and gregs boy)who finially realizes that something is... well...different with these people! Noah leaned over and asked his mom, "Mom.. why he is sooo little!" I am dying of laughter...i love the innosence of a child! Zach laughs..And all the rest of us are dying of laughter. When it is my turn to get pics with Zach, I tell him my kids and I love watching him on the show. I told him that i am sorry he has to sit and smile all day long for people..that would suck...and i told him if he ever wanted to have a soccer match..well then I would kick his butt! hahaha! he was laughing pretty was funny.
Here are some pics from old town.

After old town we got to see the pirate ship and also the castle they made. Wow..this really would be a kids dream to live on this farm..
The pirate ship has bunk beds built inside for sleep overs...and it is heated..How cool is that!
I had to post my favorite picture from the wagon tour:
"aint it cute!" (side note: check the dude right in the middle..hahaha)that guy just cracks me up!

After the fun filled wagon ride we get off. We go down to check this out!! Can you believe they own one of these!!

It was soo amazing! It is a pet..CRAZY!!The husbands and the kids loved it. You dont get to pet one of these everyday so that was pretty awesome!

We finished off the night by checking out the reptile zoo and looking for pumpkins...that is a whole other story for another day..but it was fun.

This was such a fun night. I hope anyone that wants to come visit us next out because we are for sure going to Roloff Farms!! I highly recommend it! And those of you who havnt seen or heard of Little People Big World...Watch it. It is on TLC on monday nights! It is awesome! (sheesh... i need to contact the show and see about getting paid for this awesome advertising i just did for them!)I still cant talk J into watching it..but i think i talked michelle into it!! Go Little People! I love you!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Every year we go to a local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins! The pumpkin patches here in Oregon are absolutely amazing. They have soo many to choose from! They all have soo many cool things to do. I just went to one last week with a friend and it had this huge pirate ship made out of hay. I am talking A HUGE PIRATE SHIP! It was amazing! There is also another one that has a boat ride and you sail through the "haunted" waters. And then during the boat ride a huge "sea monster" jumps out of the water. It is sooo cool!My goal this year is to go to the "little people big world Farm". It is only 30 minutes away...and since i am a huge fan of the show...i cant wait to go! I love to go to pumpkin patches! I love this time of year!!

As a family we usually go to a pumpkin patch called Lee Farms! It is close to home and the boys love it! We did the hay ride, checked out all the farm animals, and then the boys worked hard to pick out their pumpkins. We had a blast Sat night at the pumpkin patch. The boys cant wait to carve their pumpkins. And to top it all off the weather yesterday was amazing!

Some highlights of the night were: watching the boys be amazed by all the baby farms animals. The farm animals were adorable. They were all sooo little! They also loved seeing the tiny little puppies. We also loved watching both Mr. C and little G try to pick up pumpkins that were heavier than them. I would try to help the gavinator and he would get soo mad. He wanted to do it by himself...just like his big brother. Thus the picture above with his grouchy face when i was trying to help him hold the pumpkin!! Little G was scared of the hay ride. It was hilarious. He didn't want to sit on the hay at all. He would say "scary scary". I am not sure if it was the wagon, or they hay, or maybe it was all the people on the hay ride..but he refused to sit anywhere but my was funny because when it was over he wanted to do it again! Crazy kid! We were never able to get a family picture :( This is something i usually look forward to doing every year..but my boys have become stinkers when it comes to taking their pictures. I was lucky to even get the ones i did! oh well..i did capture our day for the most part! We had a blast! I love pumpkin patches!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Interview With my Son!

So i saw this on my really good friends blog. I loved it! I totally had to join in on all the fun. I sat down yesterday morning during Mr.C's breakfast and I interviewed him. There will also be a few answers where little gavinator decided he needed to pipe in for his answer!! So here it interview with my 5 year old son!

1. What is something mom always says to you? "UGHHH....she always says,Leave your brother alone! MOM....this is a hard one!

2. What makes mom happy? "Being nice to my brother and cleaning my house and doing that kind of stuff.

3. What makes mom sad? "When i fight with little G."

4. How does your mom make you laugh? "By saying silly words like, trick or treat or pumpkin head. those are soo silly." (can you tell we just set up for halloween)who knew these things would make him laugh!)

5. What was your mom like as a child? "I don't know, that is kinda hard."

6. How old is your mom? "How old are you mom...ughh i don't remember..maybe like 17 or 16..or maybe 13...i don't know"

7. How tall is your mom? "A little bit shorter than daddy is...daddy is the tallest."

8. What is her favorite thing to do with you? "i like to go to halloween and get candy. I like my halloween decorations and i like to pretend play." ( i think he thought what does he like to do:))

9. What does your mom do when you are not around? "UGHHHH! i don't remember, so i think you should just put that."

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? "what does famous mean?"

11. What is your mom really good at? " Hmmm.....pulling out weeds, and tying my shoes, and getting little G dressed...well you are just good at everything!"

12. What is your mom not really good at? "ugh..probably fixing the fence where the neighbor dog trys to break through to get joey and echo. I think that you cant do that...but mommy I can...daddy showed me how. I will have to show you sometime!"

13. What does your mom do for her job? "you go to clubsport and you work with daddy!"

14. What is moms favorite food? "what do like mom? maybe pancakes with know the rolled ones with jelly inside."

15. What makes you proud of mom? little G:"i dont know" Mr. C:"I dont know either."

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? little G:" I dont know" Mr.C:" one of the Ben 10 watch guys..maybe the good alien." ( i have no idea who that is:)

17. What do you and your mom do together? MR C: "ughh..(he is thinking really hard) We do everything together!" little G:"we colored"

18. How are you and your mom the same? MR C: "we both have dark hair." Little G: " i dont know."

19. How are you and your mom different? "because mommy has longer hair and i have shorter hair..duh!"

20. How do you know your mom loves you? Mr C:" because she just loves me very much." little G: "i dont know!"

This so fun to do. And it cracks me up what kids say! I tag Shawn, Joce, Amber Nicki, Tonya, Annie, and whoever else wants to do this!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Skater Boys

So we live in a neighborhood where most of the kids are all older. When i mean older ..most of the kids on this street are between 12-15. Our street is full of boys and my two little ones love to be outside trying to be just like them! Well most of the kids here on the street are good kids so i dont worry too much. The boys are always out playing football or soccer, but for the last little bit everyone has been skateboarding.

Mr. C has been asking for a skateboard forever but i havnt really wanted him to get into it. I really dont want him to break his leg again!! Well.. This neigbor guy down the street is probably in his late 30's and he is always out skateboarding with his two daughters. They are the closet kids to Mr.C'a age on the street..i think they are like 6 and 8. These little girls are amazing at skateboarding! Well that guy saw my two kids, and was watching little G zip around on his scooter. He is a crazy boy on his scooter and it is hard to believe he is only two. My neighbor came over to me and asked how old little gavinator was. I said he just turned two. The neighbor just about died because he couldnt believe how awesome little G was on his scooter at two. He wanted to see the two boys skateboard. He said the way they were on their scooters they would be awesome at skateboarding. (I thought Mr.C was just given tickets to disneyland or something. He was soo excited!)So this neghbor walked up to his house and brought down two skateboards. One was a normal size for Mr. C and then he has this little mickey mouse board that he wanted to see little G try to ride. Apparently in the skateboard world..the smaller the board the harder it is to ride. He actually had Mr. C start out practicing on one of those "huge" long boards and he was doing well. So Mr.C started practicing on the regualar size board.

We really didnt work alot with little Gavinator because i was making sure Mr. C didnt fall and break something... So little G decided to take matters into his own hands and teach himself. He literally started to skate! AGHHH! The boy is only two, and barely two for that matter! I didnt think the boys would actually pick it up. Well, i was wrong..they both did! And fast too! We were all soo amazed with both Mr C and little Gavinator, and how cute they were on their skateboarding... I still cant believe little G can skateboard!

I used to skateboard a little when i was i totally shocked Mr.C and the neighbors watching, when i landed a trick on the skate board.It was pretty funny. I was impressed that i was able to pull it off too, since i was only had on flip flops. My kids were all excited when the neighbor decided to just give my boys those skateboards to practice on. These boards arent the best...i mean the one needs new wheel barrings because they are pretty screwed up, but it works for now! They love these skateboards. That is all they want to do..rain or shine..All i know is, I guess I just need to watch out because i think i just opeaned up a can of worms i didnt know i wanted to open! At least for now they look adorable doing it!