Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Creepy Crawler!

In kindergarten, the homework is a monthly project that comes home with your child. It is something the whole family can help their little kinder boy/or girl with.

The Con Mans school homework this month, was to make a spider. He was soo excited to make his spider. The spider needed to have a head and an abdomen. The legs needed to come out of the abdomen. Other than that u could do, or use whatever u wanted to make this spider. This is his creation. All i did was apply the hot glue. He also decided the spider needed a web and live on a stick. I also laughed at the fang's he made. He decided to use a tooth pick, and cut them really small. He then colored them red. Here is the con mans little creepy crawler...


And of course the little gavinator made one for his "homework". He loves being doing anything and EVERYHING his brother does. He normally wears shirts, I promise! In this house, if their is a painting project, the shirt is off....I am ok with paint ALL OVER THE TABLECLOTH, but I am not ok with the paint all over their clothes...hahahaha

the gavinator told me the spider was going to get me and the camera...I am DEATHLY AFRAID OF SPIDERS! He thought that was a really funny game to play with his mom!hahahaha

The kids and I had a blast creating these creepy crawlers!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My friends and I have been known to have "girls nights" where we head down to walmart really late at night..we leave our houses usually about 900 at night. Walmart is open 24 hours, so when u go late at night..the real "crazies" come out in full force and you tend to laugh the night away at all the funny things you see/witness.

I call this super duper fun night, WT night, or White trash night! The girls and I love WT night.

In the past we have also stopped at Sherri's. We get dessert, or fries..or any other delish treat. White trash night at Sherri's b4 or after Wali World tends to make the night even better! Sherri's is kinda of a white trash restaurant where lots of WT people go, and it is open 24 hours so that makes it a bonus.
... it makes it nice that we can dine late at night!

Dayna, (my MIL) was here visiting and we needed to go to walmart to get a few items
b4 conner had his surgery. It is about 3o min away, so I don't get to get down there too often. Then the idea came!

WOOHOO..i was going to call up the Besties and make this another fun WT night...except this time we would go ALL OUT! We were not only going to go out and laugh the night away..but we would also dress the part of being WT. It was soooo much fun helping each other get ready for our WT night...i even got the MIL to participate! IT was a BLAST!!

I was soo excited to get ready for this event. I decided to wear Jesse's "camping jacket" he calls it. This is one jacket he owns that i do not like one bit..but tonight i would reconcile with it and actually wear it proudly. This jacket doubled up with some nice tights and BLUE CROCKS made this outfit really come together. Not to mention the horrific makeup job i did...i mean i am sure my 3 year old could have applied the makeup better than this. hahaha...nothing says WT better than some old caked on makeup with a rotten tooth! To add to the effect..i had my besties put on a Harley Davidson tattoo just above the "girls"...the sight was too much for me to handle...all i know is, I was scarred by looking at my self in the mirror that night.

Now when u view these not fret..i know they are pretty
U-G-L-Y and if u do not want to continue on i totally understand!

The Gang!

I think the pants and shoes everyone is wearing freakin rocks too!

I must say i was soo grateful for crocks and rain boots that night! they served a wonderful purpose! I thought i would never say that about crocks!

We left the house about 8:45 pm. We decided to hit sherri's first this time. It was pretty funny because the waiter was actually nervous/scared to talk to us. He just kinds looked at his awkwardly and tried his best to stay away from us. I say he stayed "away" from us cause the service totally sucked that night. We even sat around giving each other WT names! It was awesome. I was laughing even more,how the waiter was totally weirded out! Oh the memories that were made there that night were priceless!

We then got in the car and headed down to wallie world! IT was awesome..i don't even think we got to the store until almost 1100. When we got there we had to do a few returns for my friend. I went with her to the return desk and it made me laugh so hard at the employee who was working the desk.

Oh MY...lets just say that we actually didn't look half bad...As we walked around the store we would get one of two responses..people would walk by and totally not even realize we are WT, and that we totally fit right in..or they would stare as we walked by, and then say "did u see those girls?" hahahaha IT was hilarious..the best is when we split up to each get a few things and MIL and I were walking by ourselves, people kept double taking and staring at us. This lovely duo walking around shopping must have looked pretty freakin awesome! It was CLASSIC!

The lady checking us out was even better than we were. I don't think she was too found of us and we must have offended her because she was sooo grouchy and short.
...i think we may have offended her. My friend had bought silly putty that said 99 cents on the bin. The bin was full of silly putty. My friend bought for each of her kiddos. Well the lady at the register said it was not 99 cents. I was confused by this since the entire bin was full, and the sign said "silly putty,
99 cents" We asked her to go and look and she was getting all perturbed with us. I didnt understand why she was being rude with us and really she wouldn't listen and was not taking us seriously. She picks up the silly putty and says..."its not 99 cents because it is Glow in the Dark" our reply " ughhh well then maybe u need to mark the entire bin cause that is what is says...and they are all glow in the dark..." I am not sure why the silly putty being glow in the dark would mark the price up soo high. She then said it was going to be a pain to adjust the mistake she made. Well...that is not our fault. We told her the first time that the dang silly putty was 99 cents. I am pretty sure she was not taking us seriously because of our attire and she most certainly was not thrilled about having to make the price adjustment for the mistake she made. I then realized she must have been proud of her WT heritage and this little gang of women was not sitting well with her.

The night was a very fun filled exciting night. We made it home at around 100am. It was soo much fun and i think the only part that sucked was the fact that a few of the girls had 9am church...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Bye Tonsils and Adnoids!

TOmorrow bright and early, before even the roosters will even cock a doodle doo...we will be off to the hospital for conners surgery!

Goodbye tonsils....gooodbye adnoids....goodbye fevers....good bye horrible strep throat...good bye blisters...goodbye throat rashes...goodbye vomiting from the strep throat... good bye bleeding from the blisters in his throat...good bye germs that cause strep throat...goodbye deep pockets where the germs would fester in his throat...goodbye 9 postive strep tests this year...goodbye...goodbye...and GOODBYE!

We pray this will fix the problem!

Good bye tonsils. Good bye Adnoids. GOOD Riddens...You will not be missed!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hip HIp Horray for Auntie Kimi!

SO one of my very besties came to visit a few weeks back! It was soo much fun to be able to see her! We call her auntie kim/kimi. Kim and I have known each other since we were 4 years old! thats right...4 years if you do that math that means we have been friends for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME! She lives in Califonia where i grew up! We have stayed in contact since i moved away form CA when i was 14. I love her to death and i love that my kids have her in their lives too!

We had lots of snuggle time...It was awesome!

Gavin was ECSTATIC to say the least when he found out that auntie kimi has not yet seen Iron Man... he was sooo pumped to be able to sunggle and have her see his FAV movie with him. He even told her she could be Tony...which for him is a HUGE DEAL! Everyday he tells me he is "tony". To be able to be "allowed" to be "Tony" is the ultimate privledge in his book! I bet u can guess what the gavinator is going to be for halloween! hahahahaha!

Kim has never seen the BEAUTIFUL Oregon COast! So i planned A SUPER DUPER COOL GIrls Day Adventure! My friends and I all decided a little "break" from life was what we needed and we headed down to the coast for a day while the munchkins hung out at home with daddy! It was sooo freakin FUN!!

We Shoppped until we dropped...literally!.. We all hit some totally amazing deals. The deals that day at the outlets were UNHEARD OF! We were overjoyed with happiness!

We then and ate and ate at goooood ol' MOES! It is this yummy resturant on the beach! I just love MOE's! The clam chowder was sooo delish! Here are some pics of us at the beach by moes!

so this pic cracked me up..i was trying to get kim to pose for the picture with me and it looks like she is trying to get fresh with me..hahahaha
The laughter then followed!

We found a blackberry bush! ummmmmm.. yummy!

We had lots of fun getting our silly's out!

Since the sun went town and the town was closing up for night we sadly had to end our journey and head home. We had a hour and a half drive ahead of us and we still wanted to hit wali world(walmart). They do not have walmarts here like they do in utah or most other states. There are two here by my neck of the wookds and they are both are a good 30 minutes at least away. Wlamart is a huge hit on girls nights You can't beat the cheap stuff and people watching should become a sport! It always makes for great entertainment!

On our way through cute lincoln city, we notice a BILZILLION police cars. Lights have lit up the dark sky. We have no idea what is going on....they are circlied around each other and then they have shut down all lanes of traffic. They didnt want anyone NEAR the scene. It was dark and we were being averted up a back street. We are all on the edge of our seats to see what one earth could be happening.

As we pass we are not sure what is going on...until one of my friends says..."omg...there is a body bag undermeath the police car!" Me being the very curious person i am ask if we can drive back around we can see if that is really what is is..So we flip around in a close neighborhood and check it out again. "OMG"....yes, I did say "OMG" on my blog....

We are a little fascinated by the scene and being the crazy women we are we do another drive by from a different direction to try and get a different angle..this time really s-l-o-w to try so we can see better what is going on. Yes, i know it kinda sounds morbid and crazy..but lets face it..there are 4 women in the car who had a release on life today..we are a little bit crazy...I wanted to see with my own eyes. Plus it is a little bit fascinating, right...right!

So we are all laughing that all of us but poor auntie kimi have the desire to drive by again to try to see the scene again...Poor auntie kimi is mortified and probably a little bit bothered. I tell u curiosity killed the cat.. but I couldnt let it go. kim got to learn that we crazy mommies were VERY CURIOUS and very CRAZY that night. It was soo bizarre, but yet i couldnt take my eyes off. We drive bye again and yes......we see a yellow body bag tucked back away with the police cars attempting to block the view...I was totally freakin out! What in the world happened! ....As we drive by this time we see further up the road some traffic workers pickup truck with a mangled bike in back. We then piece together that that's what happened. .......SAD!

WE all had way too much excitement and craziness all in one night...we had to get back home to reality...All in all the weekend with kim was soo much fun and we miss her soo much already!