Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Un-Washed!

This is one of the hubby's favorite term's. He uses it quite often when it comes to going out and doing things where there are usually alot of "interesting" people. This term is especially fitting when it comes to our local fairs and events that we have attended lately. It also applys when you go into walmart, or winco or any other money saving store which, I of course love. Well this past week, I had an experience. In fact as i sit and type this i am belly laughing, and my kids are looking at me like i am crazy.

Last week, I was attempting to find gavins little birthday present. I had been to about 6 different stores. No one had what he wanted. I had even called about 6 different stores to no avail. Thankfully, my hubby called the local Kmart here, and they ended up having one. I had been out shopping and looking all day, so conner and i decide we need to hightail it over to Kmart so i can pick up his gift. I was going to get urked if the one that was left was gone by the time we got there.

I get to the check out. I get up to the register and i open up my wallet. I was going to use the 50 dollar bill I had just put in my purse the night before.( I am not sure what it is with my family and 50 dollar bills, but i couldn't find it anywhere.) I start to panic because this is how I was going to pay for his birthday present. I ask conner if he has seen the bill. (we all know what happened last oct ahahahahaha!) He hasn't seen it, nor did he know i had one. I panic and decide if i should call jesse and see if by chance maybe he grabbed it? No,,,he wouldn't have. He just gave it to me the cash last night just so i get get gavins present. Well, as i am figuring out in my brain how i am going to pay for this, (apparently the lady at the register heard me talking to conner about it), She looks at me and says, "oh NO...50 dollars is Alot of money.(she was totally looking concerned too) She then told me(you ready for this) 50 dollars is like 2 twenties and a ten!, That is alot of money. "

I sat there and almost choked. I had to clear my throat several times because i looked at her and she was dead serious. She didnt even crack a smile about it. Good Glory..i cannot believe she said that. As I am laughing under my breath, I look down down and i found my crumpled up 50 dollars..behind my receipts, just where i put in last night. Phew...i could pay for his gift and get the heck out of the store. I laughed all the way home..then laughed some more when i told jesse...then laughed a whole lot more as the night went on. It is just too funny to me.
Gotta love the great unwashed!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Conner!!!!

This super cute little man had his 7th birthday!!

His bday was july 15. I am still in shock that I am old enough to have a 7 year old. We had a really fun birthday this year. He wanted to make sure he could have a party with his super amazing P-town friends before we make the big move. I thought it was a great idea, so we decided to have it at the fountains close to town here. We did his party a few days before his actual birthday. It was soo much fun. We had a blast playing in the water for his birthday.

One of my best friends makes the most AMAZING cupcakes for her family when they have birthdays. Well this year..We decided to have a girls night to learn how to do this amazing cupcake stuff. WE had a blast learning and creating this cupcake.

Lets just say my boy was WAAAAY EXCITED! I wish i had a picture of his face when he saw them for the first time! He totally freaked out! It made my heart happy!

Here are a few pics from con mans bday bash! We had alot of fun.

We played lots of fun water filled games. We had a little relay race. The kids were split into two teams. Each team had to fill up the buckets using the turkey basters. It was super funny to watch the teams try to get this one figured out. Lets just say this game was a little more difficult for some than it was for others..but i couldn't stop laughing watching them all try to get it figured out!

The other game the kids seriously love love loved, was a wet version of hot potato. We had this little ball. You then place a water balloon inside the ball and close it. There is a timer that you wind. We had the kids pass the ball in a circle. When the timer went off, the water balloon popped and got that little kid wet and had to sit in the "hot lava". The last one standing won. I am pretty sure this was the favorite game played! They all loved it.

And of course we had a good ol fashioned water balloon fight. Poor jesse became the main target for all 8 kids! ahahaha..that was hilarious.

The Con Man had such a blast. He has the greatest friends. I cannot tell you how much we are really going to miss being apart of these little guys everyday lives.

My favorite part, was on his actual birthday. I had a few things planned up my sleeve to make the day special for him..then, we let him choose what, and where he would want to eat. I was laughing because the thing he wanted to do: golfing at the driving range, and eat at the famous, sushi train. His favorite food EVER is sushi. IT cracks me up. And he was soo excited to test out his golf bag I had snagged for him at a garage sale a few months back.
I love these pics I took of him golfing!

(getting his practice swing on!)

(clobbers that golf ball!)

love this picture!

LOVE This picture too!

the gavinator getting his turn!

loved how he would run over and set his ball up!

I am sooo grateful that I get to have this handsome lil fellow as my son! happy birthday conner! We sure love you!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

i just cant contain how much i love.......


and THIS.....

and this..( this is the fireman chicken we CRAVE EVERY YEAR) we only get it once a year at the Sherwood Robin Hood festival... let me tell you is DELISH! I am already having withdrawls and i just ate it a few hours ago.

and I also love this...(kids so excited to be at the parade)

and the giggles and squeals of delight as they run in for their candy......

and this...(I wish I had a picture of this ones temper tantrums! they were soo funny... when all the other kids got to the candy first and grabbed at every last piece, it caused major heart break..he would cry soo hard and looked so SAD....I never had time to snap a picture of his cute screaming and crying..why you ask?...well, that's because his cute big brother, or the people down the way would hurry and sacrifice their own candy to give to him, no one could stand to see how sad he got. The best part soon as he got the candy..the tears would cease IMMEDIATELY and he would get an instant smile! oh was soo funny.

and I almost peed my pants(literally i was laughing so hard) at this...

(now zoom in on the picture. You will see old lady's dressed in leotards and gold sequence socks, marching in the parade, swinging their batons. It is an actual club here in Sherwood Oregon. I sooo want to join this club when I am old..I mean, what is better then horrific leotards, sparly socks and special wands they get to twirl, all while marching in a was soo awesome..and I laughed my head off. (this is on my bucket list when I reach oh about 70.)(and michelle, christy, and nicki..u are all doing it with me)

and i must say i love watching this...

It made my heart happy to see this little princess be tossed to and fro from her mama and dada...i love her face of pure joy as she is flying through the air!

but most of all i love this...

Today was a ubbbber fun day at the good ol' Sherwood parade and robin hood festival!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We have had quite the last month. I have lots to blog about and lots to catch up on. I need to start off with the first of events that have happened in this household..

this little man graduated from kindergarten:

We are soo proud of this guy. He did soo well in school this year! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE his teacher Mrs. Haynes! She was soo awesome to plan a special graduation ceremony just for conner. We were leaving town for utah on the day of his real ceremony. She didn't want conner to miss out, so she threw him his own special party. It was sooo sweet of her and it really made me happy. We were so glad we were able to be apart of that special day! I also love that conner got to be the kid of honor for his last day of school. He thought it was soo cool to get his own graduation day!

I love how gavin loves being right in there with the kids in conners class!!

I love how his teacher had the kids get each others "autographs" it was soo cute watching conner go around to his friends and have them sign his paper!

Conner was showing daddy how to play a game at school.

I had to add this picture of conner and his best friend, jordan. I just loved her classic look on her face when I took this picture. It made me laugh sooo hard. I love how conner is all smiles..but she is a typical girl with her little smirk. gotta love it:

We are very proud of you little conner nonner! We are soo excited to start the next adventure of first grade with you!

We also cannot forget this cute little boooooger
who also graduated from his preschool class: I am soo going to miss this preschool sooo much. I highly recommend the high schools "teens and tots" program. It is soo awesome.

The teenagers give each kid an award for the year and little gavin received the most likely to be the next "tony hawk" award. I was laughing pretty hard because it fits his personality to the "T"!
gavin getting his awesome award!

Gavin loved having his teenage buddys! (these girls taught him throughout the school year!) they were so sad to hear that gavin is not going to be able to return. (I sure hope this program exists in utah)

Gavin and his favorite teacher Sara(she is the one is charge! We love her!)

Gavin and his best friend Olson. These two boys are two years apart but they are inseparable. They had so much fun in preschool together. I just loved this picture!

And yes..that is my little boy in the middle of the graduation attempting to stand on his head for everyone to see! (gotta love this kid)

Anyhow, I have soo much more to write about: Stay tuned:...more to come: our trip to utah with some EPIC stories and some EPIC PICS to follow!