Sunday, January 31, 2010

Must be My boy...

I just woke up from a very relaxing Sunday nap...It was GREAT! the first nap that i have been able to take without the help of melatonin! it was nice.

I proceed to hang out in the computer room..hubby and the con man are hanging out doing father son video game time.

Anyhow..i get the privilege of having lil gavinator climb up my computer chair and then ,("blast" his term) or "jump" (in my terms),off my chair. He climbs up the back of my chair, giggling his little brains out and them jumps as far as he can. I am sitting here thinking of how good i really do have it. I like nothing more then to see my kids have this much joy in their eyes. He is soo is pure happiness. I for one second start to envy what little u have to do to make him happy. My kids are such great strengths for me. Especially when going through some hard times. Today, I needed a reminder, that Its "the simple things" that make it worth makes my trials not go away..but at least for the moment, i am able to step back, and have joy.

As he is scaling the back of my chair, as if he is spider man...I hear these "noises"...Then with evertstep he makes..a little noice escapes. It then "clicks" in my brain that he is farting..and with every step he is making, a new little "fart" comes out....That is when we both start rollin...we are laughing soo hard, i cannot recover...

....And then we both get to experience joy and happiness...we are both laughing soo hard and soo long i think i need to stop typing and go find my inhaler...i am pretty sure i just gave myself an asthma attack!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lots to Catch up on!

I am not sure why the blogging got put on the back burner. I guess with all the craziness of the holidays..having my family come and visit.(which was super duper fun)...and then heading out of town for Christmas I guess I have seriously slacked. I need to catch up on so much! In the meantime..i promise i will catch up eventually i just had to post this picture of the boys..

We went and saw Santa before we left town. The boys had been looking forward to it. Mr. C was telling the gavintaor all about santa and how cool he was. Lil Gavin was super excited. I mean the kid had been talking ForEVER about seeing santa and telling him what a good boy he had been. He was also super excited to ask for his "Batcave"!

We finally got down to see santa. On the way i was thinking that since lil gavin is now 3 he most likely would not scream on santa's lap. It actually kinda made me sad in a baby is 3. I had a flashback from when conner was 3 and we saw santa and he LOVED him. He couldnt wait! I kinda think that 3 years old is the time when the kids really get into Santa Claus. The boys talked about him all the time. They could not wait. They were getting soo antsy waiting in line. They even drew him picture's of what they wanted...

The gavinators

When it was the boys turn, lil G nervously looked at me..then lil gavinator started to hold my leg and hide behind it. Me, being the awesome parent that i am, pick the lil man up and set him on Santa's lap. Santa starts to chuckle... And well...sadly the pictures say it all!

I then went through memory lane with our pictures and ran into this from christmas time 2008:
Too funny!

And i could not leave out Mr. C from 2005! Whats even better is he didn't believe me when i told him he used to cry on santa's lap when he saw this picture he started laughing and told me he was Mr. Crying pants!