Friday, March 27, 2009

R.I.P Rad Red HAIR!!

The night it all began!!WOOT!

The aftermath!!

For those of you that follow on facebook..then you know that i highlighted the coolest red into my hair. It looked soo good. I absolutely loved the look. I was very lucky to have my sis in law here to do it for me..I loved it! Well, sadly i had to remove the red last night. I was soo bummed! (this is where you shed a tear with me)

Why change only a week after you put in in? And why do you change if it looks AWESOME??
...drum roll please...well...Apparently at my work I found out the sad cannot have "unnatural" colors put into your hair. I was pretty bummed.

So that got me to thinking about this tangent...I really thought this was kinda of a joke. I mean this was "unnatural"..but it still looked classy. Here is another reason why it torqued me off....(these people exsist at my work)How about someone who has dark dark brown hair and spills peroxide on their roots,so you have bleach blonde on top and dark dark brown on the bottom..then they get dark roots from the grow out and it looks HORRIBLE...REally..are they telling me that is "natural" REAlly?? Well apparently it is "natural" because they get to keep their hair and i don't. Or what about "Burgundy"? since when did that color become a "natural" color? there are plenty of people at work with that color also..and if you ask me...i dont feel it is "natural" and they get to keep it...Or the other tangent i had was what about piercings. I work at a VERY high end club. Piercings are absoutly not allowed. Well i must say that i have seen quite a few co-workers sporting all sorts
"facial" jewelry? why are they not taking them out? Anyhow...enough ranting and raving for one post.
It pretty much bummed me out. I had been wanting to do this for going on 3 years. I finally get the opportunity to do it and then boom..i only get to
enjoy it for a week..for peet sakes..I live in Oregon! Seriously..I thought my hair actually looked classy...but due to lovely corporate sadly had to go! So here is my tribute to my week long saga of red highlights! I loved it...and it
will be missed! I promise day i will get my dream highlights AGAIN!!! And life will be GRAND!

Anyhow..I dont mean to rant and rage when it comes to my work. It really is a good place. Overall the job has been perfect for me. I cant complain! I guess when you work for Corporate America it is like the saying "happy wife..happy life" well for me right now,i guess it goes more like "happy boss...happy life...!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

WOOT for the saturday market!

**Warning***: super long post may read and fall asleep at your own risk!!!

Here in Portland..they have a HUGE Saturday market. It is downtown by the waterfront. It literally is HUGE. I love taking people here that visit us from out of town because it is soo fun. NOt only do the WEIRDEST people come out of the wood works, (which makes people watching a blast)....,they have the yummiest food, and really awesome little booths for you to go and look at stuff. It is kinda like pikes place up in Seattle except there is not fresh fish and fish tossing. There are all sorts of little trinkets people can buy. They have anything from duct tape wallets, cool art work, hats, jewelry, knick knacks, bongs(hahaha)J/k(except they really do), cool hippy outerwear,awesome Portland Tee's including Tye dye clothes and just all sorts of Stuff... I would say they have a little bit of everything for anybody!

This past week J's little brother and sister were here visiting us for their spring break. We had a blast. We shopped until we dropped(literally)...... we played rockband every night..we all got the best new hair do's ..thank you again alex. We just had a blast hanging out with these two. I am soo glad they got to come up.

On saturday we decided to take them on the trax to downtown, and let them experience the saturday market for themselves. It was awesome. As we entered the trax area i hear this really horrible singing. And it was soo loud. It was comming from a dude on his bike waiting for the trax too. He was literally singing at the top of his lungs...just for the heck of it...It wasnt that he was was just it sounded horrible and he was super annoying to listen to. He couldnt hold a tune at all.. so it just made me laugh at how many "crazy" people live in this state! ..Welcome to Portland alex and have no idea what you are in for..especially when we get to the saturday market:)

The boys getting all ready for the Choo Choo!

conner getting his inner crazy on!

I love taking the tracks into makes the whole experience better! There are always the most bizarre people to see. There are your usual thugs that u never make eye contact with, the homeless, the freaks who sing crazy songs while they wait, the cute old couple who just sit and take it all in, the teenage girls who all huddle together and try to pick up boys..and then of course our family! hehehe! We fit right in... especially with my new red stripes in my hair..i was getting all sorts of looks! Especially since i used red hair gel for my boys hair that day! they got all sorts of looks too! hahahaha

We make it downtown safely. I am amazed at the outpouring of "crazy hippies" everywhere! It was sooo awesome! What a good day to go!
We were walking around and you see alot of these people.

Here are some examples...

We called this guy the "pirate". My kids really did think he was one, and by the way he smelled i am sure he was! The dude REAKED SOOO BAD! really..i tried to go up and take a decent picture but my eyes would start to burn..literally..and it felt like my nose hairs were on fire..i just felt bad for his poor furry companion who looked soo forlorn that he had to sit through yet another performance with his smelly owner. I am sure the dog smelt better..really...i am sure of it! I just felt bad. The guy was awesome at what he was doing, but because of the stench he didnt have a crowd of people watching! Next time, i think i will bring him some AXE body spray! I think that may help him!

This next guy was another"pirate" according to my kids..but at least he didnt smell as bad. He was freakin amazing at his little ukulele. He had quite the crowd around him and his ukulele box overflowed with cash from his supporters.

Whats even better, is there are people all over like this, and it always seizes to amaze me what we will see. There were a group of well..lets say "interesting women" carrying signs that said "free hugs". I laughed because... you want people like this(look at pics above) hugging you! ewwwwww! Really...that is just gross! Really gross!

We walked around all the booths to see all the cool stuff they were selling! My boys espeically like this little was full of "spinning tops". they let conner and gavin try it out and they had a blast.

We walked down every isle looking at all the things being sold..I especially love the booth where they sell Duct tape wallets. They are actually really cool little wallets and they have a billion of different designs you can get. I especially loved when i asked conner if he were to get one which one he would get, he looked at all of them really carefully..and came acroos one that had a picture of Jesus. He said he would pick that one. I laughed..because he meant it soo sweetly. He loves anything to do with Church..but Really?..this..on a wallet...I dont think so!

We make our way over to the delicious food. They always have amazing food. This is another way good reason to come visit us. I love eating here. And the elephant ears are the best ones i have ever eaten! For those who have never had an elephant ear..let me know cause you are seriously missing out.

here are some pics of us enjoying our lunch!

poor gav was not feeling well so he didnt enjoy his lunch!sad!:(

And i just love these i had to add them

Before we left we wanted to try to get a group picture. Poor gavin was tired and not feeling great and we had were all pretty tired and ready to go. As we sat for our picture for our awesome camera man(aka jesse) i notice these two girls. I notice they were standing off to the side watching us take this picture. After the picture, one of the girl's approached me. She looked at bit nervous to talk to me..but i also could tell she wanted to say something. I was shocked when i saw her up close. She looked maybe 10.. She was soo young to be out here on the streets by herself. She had shaved all of her hair all but except her bangs, and i could tell by the look in her eyes that she has had a rough life. It was sad to see. Well, she came up to me and said, "maam(shoot i dont look that old do I),maam.. i just wanted to tell you that your baby is the Greatest thing that ever happened on this earth." It was pretty wierd, but apparently she loved that gavin had a mowhawk and that i had colored it with red gel that day. She then, ran off with her friend..and i just knew she was homeless and most likely a runaway. The saturday market is not that far from a homeless shelter and the way she looked, I knew that she was living on the streets. As i watched her run off it made my heart sad. She was way too young to be homeless and it made my heart ache for her family who probably have no idea their daughter had turned to the streets.

The trax then pulled up and we all loaded in for our journey back to the car.

We definantly wore everyone out!

All in all we had BLAST! I am soo happy that the portland saturday market is open again! I have missed it! For those of you who have never heard or been to this...i highly recommend an oregon trip! It is awesome! you made it this far through this post..go slap some water on your face and wake up!I also apologize for all the spelling and grammer errors. My spell check was not working and i suck at spelling and grammer!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Batman and Robin????

This was the outfit of choice the other day...hahahaha...conner transformed into his version of "batman" and Gavin turned into his version of "Robin". I especially love the superman underwear and diaper that both boys are sporting for this outfit! They fought away the bad guys..and kept me safe! Woot... for all the superhero's in my house!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"The case of the missing child"

Like most mommies I have a "must do" list I do every night before I go to bed. The night time routine ends right after I go in, and check on my boys to kiss them goodnight over and over and over and over again. I love when they are asleep. They are soo peaceful. I love to just hug and kiss them. Whatever crazies happened earlier in day and no matter how times they were put into time out..when i walk into their room to snuggle and kiss them goodnight..everything is ALWAYS BETTER! I know that all of you parents can relate to that feeling.

Well, the other night, i was soo excited to walk into the kids room and give my boys a final goodnight kiss before i went to bed..thats when I notice the light is on in their room. It wasn't too shocking actually, because little gavinator will tend to turn it on, then fall asleep and it ends up being left on until j or i go up to bed. I just don't understand how poor conner can sleep on the top bunk with the light shining smack dad in his face..hahaha!

Well,I open the door to the bedroom and i immediately start to panic...because little gavin in not in his bed. He sleeps on the bottom bunk and he is not there....I quickly start looking in the room and move all the covers to make sure he didn't turn around or go underneath all of his covers.
No Gavin in bed...(this is where he should be!!)

I scan the top bunk and it is just conner sleeping soundly...(where he should be)

I start getting really panicky! Then, out of the corner of my eye, I notice something..I look over...little gavinator....sound asleep on the DOG bed...What???...why would be you go to sleep on joeys bed.???..He had curled right up and apparently he loved it cause he was OUT COLD!!! And he got upset when I moved him because joey at that point wanted to get get into his bed himself....

The next picture was from this morning...gavin wanted to hold and snuggle his doggie! (note:ignore the food all over his face hahaha) Both of my kids absoutly love joe..and they cant get enough of him!