Friday, March 28, 2008

Nemo kicked the bucket!

So back when i was potty training Mr. C about 21/2 years ago i told him that if he got his potty training down i would get him a fish. Well he got it down and he picked out a red beta fish and named him nemo. Well nemo has been around for almost 3 years and Mr. C has loved having this fish.

We had gotten back from our trip to hawaii.I will write about that later... and when we got home i check on nemo and well he is bloated and kinda floating on the bottom of the tank. He is still breathing but it didnt look too good. I knew that he was not going to make it another day. SO the next morning i prepped Mr. C and told him that his fish was sick and old and that he may die. Well he cries and cries and cries. ...and cries. That evening i go to check on the fish and i watch with my own eyes as it swims to the top, takes a deep breath, then floats back down to the bottom, and then all of a sudden he stops breathing. Poor little nemo. He just kicked the bucket and i will have to break this to my son in the morning.

Well morning rolls around and i decided to let Mr. C decide on if he wanted me to flush him or him to flush him. Mr. C was soo sad that nemo died. He is crying. He cant stop. He asked if we could have a funeral and so i said sure(anything to help the poor kids out).

We take him into the bathroom where Little G is trying to talk like a fish and is soo excited about watching nemo be tossed into the toilet and then conner is bawling like a baby. I was trying soo hard not to laugh. The scene was soo funny. Mr. C told me he wanted to start out with a prayer and then sing to nemo "families can be together forever." how can i say no to that. IT was soo Mr. C says the cutest little prayer and then he starts singing. When he is done I said ,"ok Mr. C..lets flush so that little nemo can be happy in fishy heaven. This is our conversation.
Mr. C: (while he is crying)Mom is nemo with grandma wanda in Heaven(his great grandma)? Is is going to be resurrected just like President Hinckley will be. Is he going to get a new body and then be a prophet?
Me: I am stunned ..i am trying so hard not to laugh. It was soo cute that he wanted to make sure little nemo will be able to be resurrected and that he will be able to be with our family forever. I told him that Heavenly Father would take care of nemo so he doesnt have to worry.
Mr.C Then Flushes.Little G is waving and still trying to talk like a fish and Mr. C is just kinda in shock
So after the little "funeral" we had, Mr. C wants to call and tell his friends what happened.
He calls his best friends james and noah. And the funniest little comment that i am still laughing was when Mr. C and james had their conversation.
Here it goes:

Mr. C: (As he is bawling)James my fish nemo died. He is in Heaven with Grandma Wanda.
James: Thats ok can get a new fish!
Mr. C: He sits there kinda stunned...hahaha i am still laughing about it.

I still laugh at these little boys and how funny they are. I mean james didnt even pause..that was what was soo funny...I felt exactly like james. I mean it is a fish for peets sake.. So needless to say i hope that echo(our dog)doesnt kick the bucket for a long long time..i cant even imagine what Mr. C will go through if he was that emotional over the dang fish!! But it was a good story. I will have to post about our trip to hawaii. We had a blast...the broken leg with Mr. C was a bit of a hardship but we survived. And i could blog for days about funny stories with Grandpa Ralph(that is jesses grandpa) i will have to do that..they are some of the funniest stories.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

psycho therapy!

Ok..So i thought this was pretty funny. As most of you know J and i own 3 franchises refinishing kitchen cabinets and harwood floors. And so i get the awesome privilege of taking all of our phone calls, booking our estimates, booking our jobs and just try to keep things in order for J. Well, i always use this super cheesy extra nice voice when i answer our phone calls. Most of the time J tells me that he has had people offer me jobs right and left to be their secretary too...apparently they love my phone voice which i think is pretty funny. Maybe i ought to go into 1-900 business...hahahahaa that was only a joke! Anyways this last few weeks have been super busy for the business which is good but at time can be very stressful. And to make matters a little more crazy my 4 year old Mr. C broke his leg and has a cast from his toe to his hip. So basically i have to help meet his every need and it can be trying. Especially when i am on the phone with a customer and i have Mr. C screaming that he needs me, and then Little G starts in on the screaming too just because his older brother is so why cant he. So today this is how this special call that i got happened.
The phone rings...i need to answer ..Little G is already screaming every time i leave the room..he is having major separation anxiety. I think Mr. C is good because he is sitting in front of yet another movie. I decide to take this call...I give our introduction, find out what this customer needs and proceed to try to book his estimate. Well, all this guy can hear in the background is Mr. C SCREAMING my name over and over and then Little G starts in crying his little brains out because his mom has disappeared out if his sight. I kindly let the gentleman know that i have a 4 year old who broke his leg and so therefore both kids are at the office today. I kindly ask him to hold so i can try to get the screaming monsters to stop...well guess what.... they don't stop and they start in louder. SO, i barricade myself into my office and plug one ear so i can try to hear this poor guy. earlier in the conversation I had asked him what his name and address was, but in the midst of the chaos i forgot. So i said to this customer, "What did you say your address was?" and woahhhh..i triggered something in his mind. And he let me know about it for seriously 35 minutes...and my kids are still screaming and i am afraid that Mr. C has probably peed himself or something since he cant get to the bathroom and he will not stop screaming. I being the awesome person i am listen to this guy for no joke 35 minutes as he is explaining to me that when i use the past tense like when i asked what his address "WAS" and not said "WHAT IS" your address that is makes it seem like i don't care. he went off forever on psychology 101 and said i would get alot more business it i would just rephrase things differently. I honestly didn't think two second about it but i tell you it was really quite funny and interesting. Apparently he is some psychology major dude and so he wanted to help me get into the minds of our customers. So as i listened to him i was becoming a little irratated because i still am afraid that Mr. C has wet himself and i just wanted to get what should of taken 5 min to schdule scheduled and over with, so i could tend to my son and make sure he is ok. After i hung up with him i was pretty frustrated and apparently i was breathing heavy. Well little G caught on to that and i couldn't stop laughing because J asked Little G, "what does mommy say? and then Little G starts making this grunting noise that was totally the way i was pretty dang funny. But next time i get a call, i can make sure in the midst of the chaos in this house, and trying to run a business, and tend to children, that i make sure i do not use past tense with our customers because dang it i dont want another 35 min lecture!