Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The tale of the Christensen Fam Reunion!

(WARNING: long post! exciting... but long!)
So back at the end of July we had the Christensen family all come up here to oregon for week!! It was soo fun to have all of J's immediate family be here! We loved being able to show them the different things oregon has to offer! And we loved having the family be able to see where Jesse and I live! WE had a blast! It was soo nice to spend time with the family and see all our cute nephews! We reserved a beach house up at Rockaway beach, Oregon! I love it here! It is sooo beautiful! It is one of my favorite beaches to stay at! I love the BEACH!! The best part was our Beach house was LITERALLY RIGHT ON THE BEACH! It was soo AWESOME to open our back door to the sand ...and see/walk right to the ocean! Plus their was the added bonus of the house having a gate around the backyard, so the kids were all able to play in the sand, and we didn't have to worry about them sneaking out to the ocean! I was soo happy that we were able to have a house that fit every single one of us and had room to it BACKED to the beach and it was afforable!Oh my!!... It was paradise! well..except the water is icy cold...and the weather was not 90 degrees! but come on...we are at the oregon coast for goodness sake...not Hawaii!

B4 we went off to the coast for our fun week..We took the family to the nature reserve here by my house! It was soo fun! I love the nature reserve, and i love that u always have soo much fun! Plus it is FREE!! We packed up a picnic dinner...and decided to take the family and show them this awesome place. We had a ton of fun! We walked the nature hike and saw all the beauty their is to offer! I would say EVERYONE HAD A BLAST!

After all the excitement and Craziness to get out the door to the coast...we FINIALLY MADE IT!...It was soo nice!

We got to practice yoga.

And we played lots of beach soccer!(my fav...but i am sooo OUT OF SHAPE!)

We did a little of this...

And a little of that...

Jesse and seth had a special moment

We got to spend hours everyday looking here:

We saw some awesome sea friends! there where soo many everywhere!

My 6 year old found me a heart shaped rock..he then presented it to me as a suprise and told me how much he loved me! It made my heart melt! And i had to keep the Rock!

You may call us crazy, but we all ran willingly in the Freezing Cold OCEAN for a swim!!...oh my..!!! OH MY... Was it cold...Conner even braved the ocean..and same with his cousin josh!
(tara and I with our worried faces b4 running in the ocean)

Mr.C and the Gavinator had a blast with their cousins...and they tell me daily how much they miss them.

By the end of the week, we all became professional ROCKSTARS!!

We loved being able to enjoy this time with family! It was soo nice to have them up here! We loved it, even through the occasional choas:)..We want to do this again! and we miss everyone already!

It was soo nice to escape the real world! and who better to do it with than your family!
Goodbye... Rockaway Beach....until next time!