Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching up on Easter 2010

Our Easter was suuuper low key this year. We hung around all day in our PJs. It was soo awesome. It was nice not having to do our usual Sunday rushing around the house to get out the door on time for church. We got to stay in and cozy up on the couch and listen to the AMAZING TALKS that were given at conference. Later that day, we dyed our eggs, because the week b4 had been insane, and we didn't have time to get to them. The kids of course loved every minute of it..even the tired gavinator had a good time ..he waited soo patiently playing with his hair until the eggs were the color he wanted.(he plays with his hair when he gets tired)

We only had one cute boy shoot the "how long is the color going to take look"

But over all he kids were sooo happy that their hard work in choosing colors and what to draw on their eggs. I loved how they turned out! I love that they were soo serious in which color to use and watching them figure out what they were going to draw! It was hilarious. As long as gavins egg didn't end up pink...they were happy. (gavin is strongly opposed to pink)

That night we played trouble (star wars version). The kids soo loved this game..i was not sure with the combination of it being a starwars version or if it was because we got to stay up late to play, but they LOVED IT!
I mean look at this boys face when he saw it on the table from the Easter bunny that morning..

We even got in a little Easter egg hunt of our own living room..Of course this was a hit:(thanks to the cute Easter bunny man in our house who hid them in what my boys thought were the coolest places EVER)

I love that lil gav found one and shared it with his brother:

And last but not least...I had to include some of our super cute easter pics in their easter outfits..(note: we took these today b4 church since we didnt have to get dressed all up easter sunday). The pictures will be in order of how they cooperated :)
(take note of the faces on the boys..ahaha..either it was bright or they had the sillies..that is usally how pic taking goes at my house.)

But even with their sillies ...I love my little stud muffins..i mean could u not...just look at them!:)

The CON Man!!!

The Gavinator!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spiffy Spring Cleaning

So the last one and a half weeks have been filled with MAJOR DE JUNKING! I mean MAJOR! My supper suuper Awesome MIL came out from Cedar city to help. And, I must say I am soo grateful that she will just get in there and help wherever. I am soo glad she is not afraid to work. I was all geared up to conquer my first ever garage sale.

Here my list of my insane prepping that had to take place in order toget ready for this beast.

*getting rid of 90% of my toys..and did I mention how many more toys.
*switched out my dressers and put them in the boys room.(At least now their bedroom can FINALLY LOOK COMPLETE..)
*emptied boys old dressers so i could sell them in the G sale
*dejunked boys room
*Dejunked Guest bedroom
* dejunked my bedroom. This is a HUGE FEET. We Put up the uglyish dressers I had stashed away. I had gotten them free sometime ago, since I gave the boys my dressers, I needed something to hold my clothes in.
*Dejunked the entire upstairs (which meant going through every room..every closet...EVERYTHING)There was not a square inch we didn't get our hand's into.
*moved furniture to and fro
*went through mass mounds of clothes to sell and also price
*sorted through a bazillion shoes of all sizes to sell
*spent hours and hours pricing things out for the Gsale
*made signs..and put them up
*did i mention how many hours we spent just sorting and pricing things out
*cleaned out the garage to prep it for the mass amount of stuff that i had accumulated to sell.
*organized the garage with all our loot
*made a g sale Ad for craiglist.
And all this was done in just 3 VERY VERY VERY long days. We probably did a months worth of work in 3 days.

(the "loot" all in the garage.. it just needed to be organized)

And like the ole saying says "if you build it...they will come". I found this to be true.
The first garage sale was a huge success. We sold, between Friday and sat, about 2/3rds of what we put out. The only low part was the "poop stain" (use this instead of a curse word) who actually stole from our garage sale. And what torques(use this instead of pisses, me mommy and mil are not huge fan's of the word pisses) me off even more about that low life, was now we cant sell what i was trying to for the price i was trying to, because it is missing its main component. Some people I tell you.. I mean i have had and am in some pretty bad and hard times..but i would never steal from a garage sale..i mean i try to knickle and dime them but NEVER would i steal. Then Sadly..(I am sure from all the stress and lack of sleep and endless hours I put into this and everything else i do in life)...I ended up with some nasty illness so that kinda put a damper in weekend. Trying to run the Garage sale with a fever and a horrible sore throat is not my idea of fun.

My poor Mil has had to deal with not only the above stuff this week but also these things as well. I think she deserves a trophy.

* sickies.
*me and gavin whiny with fevers
* a certain little boy who kept us up ALL night sat night with a horrible cough/fever
*me with no make up on for what feels like a thousand days in a row.
*me with no make-up
*an insane case of pink eye with a vengeance
*me with no makeup some more, then my face broke out like crazy due to all my i am sure that this is not the best combo.
*more whining due to the sore throat of mine not going away, and my eyes that were so red and itchy and gooey. Last night, I wanted to poke them out, which tells u how bad the itchiness/soreness was.
*me with a few occasional melt downs due to my insane stress load.
*me finially putting my white flag up, and I got my arse into the DR. last night was the last night i could handle of my stupid illness. I am going to knock this strep throat and pink eye out.
*trying to deal with me and dejunking this entire house while not feeling well= grumpy me
*lots of dejunking decisions on whether we keep or not keep something
*lots of strong willed people in this name a few
*lots of time being "caged" as I call it in the house
*more dejunking of the downstairs
*and she will have to endure another insane few days as we try to get ready for Garage sale #2...

We can do this again...and this time my antibiotics should kick in, so I should be a garage saleing machine but this time not a sick one!

(proof of our our work)

ITS ON!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cant get enough part 2!

I mean really!!

Cant get enough !

So lately, it has seemed like life is throwing us constant curve balls. There will come a time when I will be able to freely talk about these curve balls, but for now they are all still weighing heavily on my mind. With life, comes trials. As part of Heavenly Father's plan, all people experience adversity during their lifetime. Trials, disappointments, sadness, sickness, and heartache are a difficult part of life, but with the help of the Lord they can lead to spiritual growth, refinement, and progress.

With trials comes your ability on how you handle these trials. I choose to handle mine with everything I got..though not easy and at times it is VERY HARD. I know that one day i will look back and i will be able to say I made it through...I cannot wait to for the day when we all can say we have made it through our trials.

I feel like I have rolled with the punches pretty well, but there does come a time when i just feel like I am only human. There are times when I feel like I am not coming up for air...but i always know I will never be alone. I have a huge amazingly supportive family. I love them all soo much.

I also have been blessed with some amazing friends! I know that i can turn to any of these people, and I know that they will have my back! They would do anything to help!
I guess you could say I have been in a "funk" for some time, if u want to call it that. I mean "funk" in my world can have alot of different definitions. But anyhow..i just wanted to let those I am close to know, that I have not meant to exclude certain family or friends from my life. I, when times get stressful, can tend to "pull away" a little, so i feel like I am not burdening others...I know it is silly and not logical..but it is something i am trying to move past.

I guess i just watned to say Thank you friends, and Thank You family for not giving up on me! I love you all soo much!

I don't know what i would do without these people! I love you guys!

I have some amazing friends here in P-town! Moving here 7 years ago, we came to this state not knowing anybody or anyone. We did not have family here. I do know, that I have met some AMAZING people here! They have become "my family". These people are so amazing! I wish I could clone them, and pass them out to everyone. Everyone needs friends like these! They have watched my kids grow up! I have watched their kids grow up! We have sooo MANY AMAZING MEMORIES! They have been our "family" away from family. You each have been my rock when I have needed it. You have cheered me up when i have been sad. You make me laugh. You have helped me through some insanely stressful times. No matter what, you are there. You help me get through my crazy days. You are all constantly by my side...through thick and thin. I get teary eyed just writing about how blessed I am for having the bestest friends and family in the world!

I love you guys! Thank you for just being you..and thank you for helping me be a better person. It is this group of people (u know who u are)that will never know how I could ever "repay" them for their generosity and love! They are the BEST! I am soo grateful that I have met these people! Thank you friends! Thank you for being the BESTEST FRIENDS I could ask for! Thank you for becomming my FAMILY!

ok that is about all the mushy stuff I could handle for know. It is time to tackle the day...and unfortuntely it will be filled with the neverending pile of laundry!:)