Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr. C is now on diaper duty!

So I thought this was a funny story with Mr. C and the little gavinator. They were both upstairs playing and all of a sudden Mr.C runs downstairs and says, " Mom I changed little G's diaper all by myself." Ughhhhh you what????...I thought to myself. This could of gone very wrong...especially if little G still had diarrhea due to his milk allergy. I almost didn't even want to see what kind of war zone i would soon find upstairs.

So i figured Mr. C had attempted it, but i thought for sure The Gavinator would not actually hold still for his brother to do this. I also didn't think that Mr. C would actually be able to figure out how to do it since i have not really showed him how to do it. I thought, well lets head upstairs to see the damage that has been done and then I see little G waiting on the stairs patiently for Mr. C to give his Que to come down. I started to laugh and then Mr.C called down his brother. And this is what i saw as soon as he came down. It is funny because little G was soo excited about this and would pose to show me what his big brother had done!!

It actually turned out not too bad..just a little crooked!hahaha

Little G is soo happy and loves his big brother!

So i think i am officially going to have Mr. C on diaper duty!! hahahaha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our newest family member!!

Here is Joey!

Mr. C and Joe

The boys and their new dog!

The Gavinator and Joe

So we have added to our family..and no we are not talking a baby!! We have added "joey" to our family! He is such an awesome dog and the kids just adore him! We have had him for about a month and a half now and it has been the easiest transition ever!

We were looking to get another dog for our family for awhile now. We have echo but since she is 13 we really wanted to get another dog to bond with especially the kids, and also echo could have company ! The dogs absolutely love each other. Which came as a surprise because since echo is 13 she tends to be alot on the very grouchy side, and has not been a huge fan of having other dogs in the home.

We had a puppy in the past and it just didn't work out. The dog was super super hyper and chewed everything and constantly pestered poor echo and tore the house apart! At the time i was pregnant with the gavinator and very sick and we felt the puppy, echo, Mr.C and pregnant and sick and trying to run the business that it would just be too much at the time. So we had to sell little Oz.

I wanted a mellow dog. One that i didn't have to worry about chewing up everything and one that didn't act like a jack rabbit on speed. I wanted a dog that echo liked to be around and that the kids could jump on and pull the ears and the dog wouldn't do anything. I wanted a dog that would also be great with all the kids that are always here playing.

And then along came Joe! He is Awesome! We love him to death and we are soo glad he is apart of our family. So J and I were talking about wanting a boxer but we were originally thinking a boxer/mastiff mix. I had found one on craigslist and the owner was super excited about meeting us and we were super excited about meeting the dog. We were actually on our way to the house and i called the owner to make sure i got his address correct and he said he couldn't meet right then because his daughter had just broken her arm and they were headed to the er. Well i know what the broken bone thing is like so i felt very very bad for him and he had agreed to call us when things calmed down and we could go and see the dog at a later time. Well he did call 3 times actually telling us the dog was still available and that he was just staying with his daughter 2 hours away from home, and when he got back we could get the dog. Well long story short he had gotten back into town said that his roommate had sold the dog to his parents. WE were totally bummed. I had totally thought that that dog would work out but it didn't.

SO i decided to post a wanted add on craigslist about a boxer. I had some really strict restrictions about bringing another dog into the home. I couldn't go through a repeat of before! The restrictions were the dog had to be calm. It had to be potty trained and not piddle in the house. It had to be great with kids since we always have kids here and it also had to get along with echo. I didn't actually think anyone would respond but i got an email from a lady about good ol Joey! She had been fostering him for two years with her husband. Her daughter that had since moved out had worked at a Vets office and the vet would frequently go to the Indian reservation and help the animals there. He found Joe wondering by a river. He was starving to death(though you cant tell that now), had ticks all over, his teeth were chipped, infected and broken up into the roots and he was just in bad shape. SO the Vet rescued him. The vet thought that joey had been gotten lost and never found his way back home. He was glad he had found him though because he was on his last leg. After being nursed back to health, His assistant brought him home to her parents and they also nursed him back to health and trained him. They loved him, but they knew they would one day have to part with him , since all the kids had moved out and they both worked and Joe didn't like being along all the time. She said she also wanted him to go to the right home and one that he could be with the rest of his life. One that had kids for him to be with. She sent us pics and i loved him!

Her and her husband brought him over to meet our family and Joe instantantly loved the kids. He was soo mellow. And i had thought echo was mellow but he was way more mellow than echo. He had been trained and best of all echo from the first time meeting him loved him. Even though he has alot of his teeth missing due to the infection that had spread he can still eat like normal and chew on bones. He looks like an old man with no teeth and it cracks me up! But Joey has been a great addition and we are very grateful that he has joined our family! The kids love him! The only down fall is the dog can freaking snore! He snores soooo bad in fact that he has to sleep out in the hall because i cant handle how loud it is!! The kids love him! We love him and he is soo great with all of the kids that come over! YEAH JOEY!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why I Love My Dad!

J and little Gavinator at the Zoo!

Mr. C and J just chillen!

The boys just being silly!

Little Gavinator and J

The reasons Why I love My Dad!(from Mr. C)
1. I love to watch "cool" movies with him
2. I love to go places with him.
3. He lets me stay up late.
4. I love golfing with him and baseball and football and soccer and just all the sports
5. I like to read with him.
6. He is the best
7. He is my buddy!
8. I just like him to tickle and give me kisses
9. I just like him
10.I just love my Daddy!
(- Straight from the mouth of Mr.C!)

And little G love you lots and lots too...he loves when you go for walks, let him stay up late, he loves when you read to him and when you play with him. He loves his daddy!As little G will always say " D a d d y!!

And last but not least...Thanks for being such a great father to our kids! I love you very much and i appreciate all you do for our family! Happy Father's Day! We love you very much!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Ok so little G has a huge fascination with shoes! And not only any shoe...he loves girl shoes!!! Any time we have people over and they take their shoes off at the front door i can assure you that little G at some point with get them on his feet and tote about around the house showing off his new treasure! He loves shoes any shoe, any size but especially the shoes that are pink or girly! Oh man it is soo funny! These pictures are of him is my nieces little boots. He saw them by the front door and then proceeded to get them on his feet with his PJ's on and all! Then when it was time for him to take them off and go to bed he threw a huge fit! He gets soo mad when you try to take them off of him. The other day we were at our really good friends birthday party and he found some high heels and was in shoe heaven. I swear he is going to break his leg from trying to walk in women's heels! It doesnt matter where he is at or who's house he is kid loves to put on womens shoes and show them off Proudly! Oh the joys of our little G, and his lovely shoe obsession!!!!