Friday, July 31, 2009


Lovely...the AC in my house is officially broken...and i am sooo MAD...It is HOT..and i just want it fixed..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is HOT!! and i meant HOT! that is with a capitol H-O_T! It reached a scorching 106 degrees yesterday and today it hit 110...My house has AC...but it cant keep up. I cant EVEN imagine how those with no AC are surviving. I even feel bad for the bums outside who are roasting to death themselves...(did i say bums out loud..i meant transients). I feel bad for the old people who have no AC and have no energy to go out and get in the wet sprinkler to cool down...i feel bad for babies..they have no clue in he&* why it is soo hot and they have to be stuck in a hot carseat to travel..I hate that as soon as you open the door outside it feels like a wall hits your lungs and you cant breath or see cause it is soo hot. I feel like everytime i open the door outside i feel like i am going to die a horrible heat related death. I feel bad for the dogs and cats who have to be outside...I thought by the time i got home from work echo and joey (our dogs) were going to be dead from heat stroke...It was SOOO HOT!(don't worry..they were ok..we cooled them down with spraying them with water multiple times throughout the day...gave them lots of water and made sure they had shade to lay down in) they are surviving but i am pretty sure they are as bugged as i am.) Even joey who hates water and always freaks out, was willing to get sprayed down!

Even with AC, my house is still sitting at 87 degrees right now. That sucks and that is just the downstairs. It is 930 at night...the temp outside has not cooled under 98 degrees..and holy smokes i am going to have to take another cold shower!..I don't want to complain or sound like a wuss...but if i were living in Vegas or Arizona...the hot weather would be fine. The houses have AC and that AC actually works. Plus..I feel more mentally prepared to enter the heat in those states..I am more prepared......the houses have tile inside and i love to lay my hot body across the cold tile to cool down. There are pools in most peoples yards...or if not, at least your neighbor or close friends have a pool to go in.....Here in beautiful is NOT fine to be this hot! seriously....i am done with the HOTTNESS here! The only hotness i want is MY HOTTNESS...I want to be the only hot thing in Oregon! hahahahaha! I'm done..and i would like my perfect 80 degree weather to come back and visit me!

Just make the heat go away...


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


6 years ago...On the 15th of July 2003... at 10:27 pm...I delivered my
first born. My sweet baby boy, Conner finally entered this world! We were soo excited to have him join our family!
I cant believe that today he is already 6! I cant believe I am old enough to have a 6year old..I swear sometimes I still feel like im 16 and too young to have kids!Conner is such a sweet boy! Happy birthday Conner! You have made all my dreams of becoming a mommy real! We LOVE U Too pieces!!! Thank you for just being you! I love you!

My trip down memory lane!.......

lil baby conner

1 years old

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

5 years old

The big 6!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SEXY.....Sexy People!!! the title is not talking about me!

nor is the title dirty!...have no fret..this post is still rated G...

So every morning after i wake up i get, I get soo excited to turn on my computer and see this..

..Now dont be is not some nasty is just funny. Well not funny..its H A L I R O U S!!

I love this website. I can be having a terrible no good very bad day, and as soon as i click on this site..I LAUGH!...and i laugh REALLY HARD! And i like that it can brighten those terrible no good very bad days! Some of the pictures are SOOOO FUNNY! There have been times where i have laughed so hard my stomach feels like i just did 100000 sit ups! It is GREAT! Thank you tara for introducing me to this! I love it.. and i want all to see and laugh as hard as i do!