Friday, January 21, 2011


At school, Conner does daily journal entries. He came home two days ago, and I found this bitty in his backpack(look below). I just wish I could have been a fly on the wall when his teacher eyed this. I mean REALLY, I wish I could've seen her face...This CRACKS ME UP!

"my dog pood and peed in the haws." (As written by my con man)

I must say this is probably one of the funniest journal entries I have seen. It cracks me up.
I especially love the yellow colored pee, and the pile of Sh&* (poop) he put behind the dog.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yes..IT has come. The dear DREADED DIRTY AND 30! It has come, it has left. It wasn't as bad as I had expected, and now I sit here reminiscing.

I have had the most amazing support from all my family and friends. This relocation has been pretty hard on me..but I am just so grateful for the people who have helped me make it easier in any way they could.

The big 30:

Here it is..MY STORY!
My p-town BESties sent me an amazing birthday package full of amazing gifts and goodies and treats! It made me to happy to have a piece of them with me and get a good laugh that I so dearly needed. Each each gift I opeaned would get me made me think and remember our amazing wallie world trips we had together. I must say the "do-rag" was most defiantly on the top of my most amazing gifts. This special "do-rag" makes those amazing waved curl line thingys in your head..i will try to find a picture to show. oh oh here it is..check this out..i loved it

..the other highlight was the special"KY jelly pack" they picked out. The funny part was that my 7 year old son opened this gift. He started to read the title and I grabbed and hid it. Laughing hysterically, I got to dodge the questions that ensued after that. Oh was so fun getting that surprise package and all the amazing gifts! It really did cheer me up.

Being in utah, it has been a huuuuge adjustment for me..well, huge, is an understatement. I truly was not looking forward to my birthday. But my amazing family and amazing lil bro had other plans. Let me introduce Imax, (special nickname he got this last year) who planned, and executed a Very memorable surprise. He made this a day for me to remember that's for sure.

What is special about this boy, is on Nov 28th, 1984 he made his grand entrance into this world. He was born on my 4th birthday. (my parents always called us twins 4 years apart.) He may not know it, but I truly idolized him.. I remember being 4, and going to the hospital. I remember getting to sit in the chair in my moms room and locking my eyes on him. I was so happy. I remember getting to hold him. I thought it was sooo cool to have him born on my birthday. I totally remember the nurses spoiled me rotten while those yummy Andes mints. I immediately felt this bond with him. I thought he was the most adorable lil brother one sister could truly have. He truly was the best birthday gift any four year old could get..i got to have a baby brother to tease non stop the rest of his life. And when i got home i got to unwrap a a gift of my own, a baby doll, and a beautiful little rocker crib thingy for "my" baby.

Well, I had not been the best big sister to this adorable Imax..I would always get him in trouble for things i did. :( i am not proud of that. But, I truly have tried in my older age to make up it!:) I love him more than words can describe. I mean ..just look at him. Can you blame me.

(ladies..he is single,and ready to mingle)

The sat b4 my birthday, I was told I needed to be at my moms house no later than 3:00 pm sharp. I was to be kid free. (thanks hubby for being with kiddos!) I was told I had a whole evening of surprises planned, and I just got to go along for the ride. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I LOVEEEEE surprises! (I love,love,love surprises)

I get to my moms, I start laughing because me and my little bro's outfits coordinated.(unplanned) I was in white pants, black shirt..he was in a black shirt, white tie! I love Imax and his amazing sense of style! He whisked me away with my mom in tow. I got all settled in his car. It was awesome sitting in the back with my mom..she is the funniest in the car..especially when Imax drives. We giggled and laughed and had a grand ol' time. Imax then hands me a cute Little envelope with my name on it..I open it. Inside...a massage certificate. It was just what the Doc ordered! Especially since I had woken up that morning with a stiff neck from H E double hockey sticks. I was sooo EXCITED! Not only a massage, but we were all going to get one..(not together in one room, sillies)

I was sooo excited. We arrived at the massage place. It was soo awesome. My mom, who we are not going to state her age, got her First massage EVER! like EVER. It was soo awesome to be their with my brother, mom, sis in law amber, and my bros friend Ann. It was such a surprise! and ohhh sooo soo fun to be able to be all together. It was awesome to be able to have us all get much needed relaxing time and enjoy our hour long massages. Truly amazing.

Here we all are right after our massages..oh man it was heavenly. (dont mind us all looking a little "relaxed" and worn!) I actually think we all look DANG GOOD for just sleeping for an hour and getting our stresses rubbed out of us!

We all got back into the car..I got to sit with my eyes closed to our next destination..(I didn't even cheat)..(ok maybe once), (but only when my mom started have a tiiiiny weeny bit of anxiety attack as my brother was driving)..ahahaha...(I had to open my eyes for a moment to see what was happening!)

We arrive at the next destination. I get to open my eyes and see we have arrived at the one and only Texas Roadhouse Grill. YUMMMMMMY and double yummy. As I walk in the doors..I SEE my ENTIRE FAMILY waiting. This was a huuge SURPRISE! We had my adorable brother, Rodger and his kids(his wifey was with me) hubby and dad and mom,.. my other older brother, Matt and Joce and their kids (They actually live in cali, and i was so excited and happy they were there...the ENTIRE fam!!!) and of course me and Imax. It was soo freakin awesome. I was so excited.. I was shocked.. My brother Matt and fam had driven up that day from CALI, and made it to utah just in time for the surprise dinner. He was planning on flying out from slc to chicago on monday, and they decied to come up to utah a couple days early so they could spend the weekend with all of us..It made my day! I was soo excited to see everyone together. TO see all my nieces and nephews(well not all of them could make it and truly, the ones who were out of state were surely missed) and to see my family all together made me so happy. It has been years since I have been able to be together with my family.

We finally get seated and settled, and I am told there is one more surprise person coming to dinner. I had actually NO idea who that might be. A little bit later, in walks my old bestie from portland, Heidi and her family. I was so HAPPY. They moved to utah almost 2 years..and since we currently live about an hour away from each other, we haven't really been able to see each other very much at all. It was soo awesome! I felt so loved!

Some pics of the dinner that night:

(ughh horrrible picture of me..and the first one is blurry..but they made Imax and I sit on a saddle while the entire resturant sang "happy birthday" to us..The second picture I was so confused how we were both going to both fit on this saddle) ahahaha

It was soo awesome to look around at all these people and be soo happy they all came here for ME! To make it special for me! All 23 or 24 four of us..i couldn't even count to keep track ahahahaha! My cute lil bro planned this all for ME! My freakin awesome fam came together for me! I was speechless. It was soo amazing. We had an amazing dinner.

After dinner little Imax pulled out one last surprise. He had arranged for all the girls in my family to go see a Chick Flick. He would take my hubby and kidlets ( who, J still at the time still couldn't drive and was in a cast) and home.

Imax..thank you for going over,a bove and beyond to make this a special big 30th for me. I love my brothers..I have the BEST BROTHERS EVER!

The girls had a blast at the movie that night.....i am not going to mention the movie we saw..but lets just say Jake Gyllenhaall is soo freakin hot! ahahahaha! It was great

I truly had a great night. I am so blessed to be able to live close to family. It has been so hard to adjust to Utah, I have felt sooo lost and sooo out of place..but right now, it is my family that is getting me by. They are my ROCK ..They are RIGHT here helping me every step of the WAY! I loveees them lots!

I have an amazing family. I am truly blessed.