Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Full Swing

So, of course spring has begun. Things have bloomed. The Grasses are growing at unbelievable rates. The grass is sooo GREEN...and.. because the freakn rains have not stopped.(literally)
Proof of what the skyes are looking like:

LAst year it had already warmed up soo fast..We had soo many really hot games. In fact i haven't been to one game this year yet where i am not all bundled up. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and fresh rain. I love hearing the birds chirp. I especially love the smell of being at a ball game. I love watching kids play sports. They CRACK ME UP! Like alot. It is the best thing EVER.

It seems, I of course am super late in posting about one of our favorite spring pastimes. BASEBALL! Well..i should reword that.. We love watching the con man play baseball.

I am not a huge fan of watching professional baseball..i mean, it is fun..but it can get pretty boring and LONG.I love being at the games live, but for sure, i do not have the time or patience of watching them on tv.

COnner's team name this year is the lightning bolts. I was laughing because last year he was the youngest by a good 3 years. Most of the players were 7 turning 8. This year he is actually one of the oldest. It is soo nice seeing the skills he has developed in one short year. I love that he is number 9!

A little ironic ..since that was his mommys number when she played sports! He is by far the fastest on the team. He will totally lap the runner in front of him like it is nothing(hehe he gets this from his mommy). He freakin has an arm and can REALLY throw that ball. The coach comments all the time about the arm he has. It is soo funny to watch, because we are trying to help him perfect his throw and aim...and sometimes he throws it sooo hard that it surpises everyone in the stands. Who knows, maybe he will be a pitcher in the future. He has become an AMAZING hitter..for reals..he can literally hit the crap out of that ball. (he gets this from his mommy) He within the last 3 games has figured out how to slide and loves doing it(he also gets this trait from his mommy.) My favorite thing about watching him play is he ALWAYS has a SMILE from ear to ear. The others parents always comment at how cute it is to see him always smiling. So it makes me happy that he is having as much fun as we are watching him. I loved playing softball and soccer growing up so that fact that my boys loves both of those things just makes me the happiest little mama EVER! I soo cannot wait until the gavinator is old enough for the rec sports. He is always wanting to be just like his big brother. I love it. I love the fact that I just want my kids to do what makes them happy...and so far baseball and soccer makes him happy:) hooray!
This year we just happened to luck out again and have red be the team color again. I love the color red and i am happy that i didnt have to buy anything special to match the uniform..we already had everything from last year! woot! love when u can save money!

I love looking at these pics of my baby boy! I may be a little bias..but i just think he is just the handsomest little fellow out there on that field.

(In his ready position 1.take note of the sunglasses. what a stud)

(In his ready position 2 getting set up to get that ball when it was hit)

(In his ready to get that kid out position! woot woot)

(i love him in the catcher gear..I think it is just too cute...too bad..conners favorite base to play is First)

(Love it when he slides. I makes me laugh because conner doesnt like that he cant slide into first..but every other base he makes sure he slides)
first picture..harder to see him slide since it is so far away.

(The closer up version)

(yes that is my child running ever so happily with a sucker in his hand)(shesh i didnt realize that..ahahaha)

And i had to include this little boooger..i just love him so. I cannot wait until we get to watch him play too!

And last but not least...this is my favorite pic EVER!
(I love this picture of my boys. Lil gavinator is always right by his brother side waiting until conner hits. This picture just make me smile!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Favorite Job in the WOrld!

I love being a MOM! In honor of mothers day, I wanted to write about all the things I love about motherhood.

****I LOVE LOVE LOVE the two little bundles of joy that were sent to me.

****I love little gavinator's sporadic, I never know when they are coming kisses. I
love that when he does kiss my cheek he tries to be soo soft and gentle. Then, after I get his special kiss on my cheek, he asks me if it made my heart smile!

****i love the special way we say i love you to each other. WE use a really deep voice and say "I love LUUUU". the boys get a kick out of it every time

****I love that my con man is sooo sensitive to others feelings. At night we do family snuggle time on the couch. Gavin of course is a TOTAL momma's boy and has to be planted on my lap. I think he does this so he can play with my hair. The sad part is, alot of times it takes jesse begging gavin to sit my him. Gavin will usually go snuggle for about 5 minutes with daddy..until he realizes jesse's hair is too short to play with! ahahaha. Conner doesn't ever want to make his daddy feel left out, so he always plants himself right in between jesse and I. The cute part is he always has one hand on jesse and one hand on me. He gets as close to jesse as possible..but he also always has a hold of me too! It melts my heart.

****I love being being the one they run too when they are hurt. I love soothing an owie with a little kiss, and then suddenly it is all better

****I love being that order for us to be a mother it requires us to be selfless. This is something i LOVE!

*****I love hearing my "babies" (though they are not so much babies anymore)sit and talk and giggle and be best friends.

***I love having my sweet conner show me all his AMAZING CREATIONS he does. IT could be anything from his totally amazing lego creations(which let me tell u..this kids got some talent for Lego's. He can build the most amazing battle "star wars ships". I think they even turn out better than the ones you buy in the kits. He is also suuper creative. When he gets his homework projects that require him to really think outside of the box with his own ideas...they BLOW ME AWAY! he can create some amazing things. I will do a future post about some of these super amazing creations that i want to make sure i document.

****ill admit it..i even occasionally love the squabbling the boys makes me laugh to see how fast they can go from being the best of friends to mortal enemies within a split second!..but when it is all said and done..they forgive soo easily and go back to being the best of friends.

***I love the minute conner wakes up, he could go hours without eating..and be fine..but the minute gavin wakes up..he has to have food RIGHT THEN. The minute little gavins eyes open..he needs his "breakfreast"

*** i love love love the way gavin sings to me ALL THE TIME! he loves to sing. He will be anywhere and just belt out his favorite songs (aka. iron man, batman, starwars are 3 of the most popular ones he belts out)..there is also his favorite primary song and the special mothers day song he sang for me. They melt my heart.

This is how the mothers day song went that he sang to me:
There's a special lady that I know, I like to call her mommy
m-o-m-m-y m-o-m-m-y m-o-m-m-y I like to hug my mommy!
I love how he will sing it to me a billion times a day!

***I love kissing my boys cheeks every night before bed at least a million times. They have the bestessst kissing cheeks EVER! And I also love how I can whisper in their ear how much I love them and no matter how deep asleep they are..i always get a quiet i love you back!

Oh man i could go on for days about all the reasons i love being a mommy!

I want to also take a second, and thank my super, amazing, awesomely, Rad, MOMMY!Thank you mom for being such a "special lady that i know, i like to call her mommmy...m-o-m-m-y..m-o-m-m-y m-o-m-m-y...i like to hug my mommy" He hehe..i thought i could be as cute as gavin and attempt to sing that to you! Mom, thank you for being the best mom i could ever have. U are such an amazing example to me! I really cannot put into words how much I love you. Happy mothers day mom!

And one more shout out to my super amazing MIL! Dayna..I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing mil like you! I am soo glad that we get to have that amazing relationship. I really do love and appreciate all u do for me and my family! happy mothers day Dayna!!!

I am soo grateful that my hubby made this a special mothers day for me! I meant soo MUCH TO ME. Thank you jesse for keeping my spirits high on this mothers day! I know that i am going to be facing aLOT of change. Things have been quite stressful and not easy ...but what I do know, is that I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!

Whats your favorite part about being a mommy?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"The Friend" Part TWO

I just had to imclude these pics that conner came home with today. They were in his backback as a suprise. I just wish i could have had a picture of the color of red conner turned when we asked him what the picture was. We then had to hold back our laughter as he covered his face with his backpack so we wouldnt see how badly he was blushing. It was PRICELESS!

the little things wrapped up in tape are seashells!

I love how she drew them "holding hands"!

Monday, May 3, 2010

"The Friend" PART ONE

Conner has this little friend in his class. . They are the best of friends at school. His teacher comments all the time at how cute they are together and how well they play. I hear constantly about how he wants to have play dates with this little friend..

here is his best school friend:


SInce the beginning of school year, he and jordan have hit it off. They have alot in common. They both just gravitated towards each other. The teacher tells me they are both the oldest in his class. They both breeze through their work assigments b4 anyone else does. They love to see who can get their work done the fastest without having any mistakes. They both love love love to be around each other. I hear from conners teacher that they are unseperable. I have asked conner over and over again if he has a "crush" on jordan and of course he tells me NO! ahahaha..I just dont believe him. I beg to differ with some funny stunts that i have cought him doing. I just had to document these stories cause one day he will die of laughter, that and they make me laugh too.

What conner does on occasion if u ask him about jordan:

This is what i found in conners back pack the other day. I am always finding little drawings and notes in his backback that she has made for him. I was laughing about the fact that he he wrote this and tried to sneek it in without me knowing.

conner and jordan:

He just glows when he talks about her. He gets sooo excited to see her at school. Watching him, it made me do some of my own reminicing from when i was little.

It brought me back to when i was in 3rd grade. I had the biggggest crush on this boy in school. We liked each other cause we were both the fastest runners in school! ahahaha..the memories of my 3rd grade "love", I called it! GOod ol' ,Kunito Hashimoto, yes that is his name .. Oh the fact, I considered him my "BF" from 3rd to like 6th graden. I considered my "boyfriend" one of my closet buddies. I guess i must also mention i did kiss him in third grade ...yes u heard it..i had my first kiss in 3rd grade. (sorry mommy!)(but u already knew that) I remember one of our "dates". We went with his mom, and we saw the movie "fivel goes west". Oh the excitment I had with my 3rd grade crush. I remember being sooo excited when we would play and hang out. I remember racing as fast as i could to his house and he would do the same to mine. oh the joys of all the memories from our first little "crushes".

Now fast forward to my little boy, COnner. Back in Nov my parents came out to spend the holiday with us. One day, after school, gavin came into my room holding half of a $50.00 bill. I had a double take looking at it. My brain thought there was no way it could be $50.00..I mean $50 bucks..that is a heck of alot of money for my little man to be carrying. I don't even have that money to my name, so i had no clue where he got it. I asked him. I could tell he didnt want me to take it. Gavin breaks the silence by saying, "conner gave it to me."

I call conner in for a little mommy son conference. Conner is fidgeting. I can tell he is not telling me the whole true story. He told me he found the money, and he tore it in half and left the other half on his desk at school. I FREAK OUT! (I know, i know)..this is where my finicially stressed self kicks in, and i freak out. I mean, I really didnt have 50 bucks..yet alone where on EARTH Would he get this 50 bucks. I call his teacher. No answer. I email his teacher. No answer. SO, needless to say I go back to conner to try to find out the REAL STORY! He broke down and started crying. He took the money. He then tore it in half. He then gave half to his brother and then he brought the other half to give to jordan at school.

That evening we had many lessons on telling the truth. That at least was a success. I called my dad just bawling. How on earth could my son do this! How could he...until my dad had to snap me back into reality. Conner has no concept of money. He doesnt know $1.00 bill from a 50.00. In his eyes, he thinks it is just a dollar. My dad calmes me, and tells me to not get so angry with him. He says this is a good learning lesson for conner. I decide to get some sleep that night. I would go to the school and talk to his teacher the next morning. I really wanted to have her talk to jordan to figure this out. The next morning, as i dropped conner off..his teacher came running. She had gotten my emails but had been in meeting all night and couldnt get back to me. But she did say that she hadnt known about any of this until jordan and her mom showed up at school the day b4. They had showed up after school and she though that was kinda strange. Then lil jordan handed Mrs. Haynes the torn $50 bill. Jordans mom said that conner had given this to jordan as a gift and that she needed to get it back to him. Thank goodness for a parent with good sense. It was soo nice to be able to get that $50.00 bill back. I am soo thankful that banks accept torn bills and they will replace them for you. Conner wrote letters and called his grandparents with a very tearfelt apology. I knew he felt horrible. I was soo happy that it worked out.

Now that it is all said and done, Jesse and I laugh about this all the time. I mean really.. all the boy wanted to do was to try to impress the girl. And the fact that he shared the other half with his brother, made us laugh even harder. At least, he wasnt being selfish and he was sharing really well. ahahahaha! I am just soo glad that we can finially all laugh about it. I have a feeling this is the start to many many many many more stories about my lil handsome man and one of his many "crushes!".