Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Peg Leg Pirate!!! my boys both love pirates! I mean LOVE pirates! I actually think one of little gavinators first words was "ARRGGG" My very good friend's little boy basically got our family hooked on pirates a few years ago. It seem like my kids have been hooked ever since .....and they love them! Both of my kids are obsessed. Well..most of the time. It seems that every once in a while my children's love for pirates has put me in a few of those "Awkward" moments.

A few months ago we attended the best State Fair Ever! I love fairs. We have a little tradition where we go every year with our friends and their kids. We eat the most amazing food, check out all the farm life, and we just always have such a good time. Well, at the fair this year my son see's a man sitting down on the bench. He is an older gentlemen, kinda heavyset and a little ruff around the edges. He also had a peg for his leg, literally. Mr.C being the observant child he is yells out,"Look.... it is a peg leg pirate" He yells this really really loud. My friend and i look up and well...The so called "peg leg pirate" is looking right at us...and well lets just say he wasnt a "real" pirate, and he also didn't very much enjoy the comment. At least it was a good hit with our crowd...we still laugh about it today.

Then today..i venture out to WalliWorld(aka walmart). Here in Oregon they don't really believe in there are not very many around town and you have to drive about 40 min to get to one. Since it is my last day off and I wanted to get there before the craziness after thanksgiving, so I decide to load up the kids despite me being terribly sick. I was trying not to cough out a lung and have been fighting a terrible cold. Anyways... So we are walking the isles of Walli World, and we see a worker guy trying to get this huge cart of boxes past us in the isle. I see he has crutches and he is struggling trying to maneuver the cart of boxes and his crutches around the kids and I. I grab my boys, and we move way to the side to open up the isle for him. He struggles past us. My "oh so observant, non filtered child" looks at the guy and then looks at me and says," Mom..he has no leg." "Why does he have no leg." "Mom....seriously why doesn't he have a leg" "Mom.. does he want to be a peg leg pirate?"
(remember he is saying this really really loud so not only could the guys hear it but i swear 5 isles down would have been able to hear him too). I give Mr. C the stern look of "shush right now" because the dude has not gotten more than 3 steps away from us. It gets kinda "AWKWARD". This poor Guy..not only does he work at Walli World..but he has only one leg...has to use crutches and they make him lug huge carts of boxes for his living. That totally sucks! On top of that, he has to hear these crazy comments coming out of my 5 year old's mouth!
What an Awkward Moment!

So this is to all the peg leg pirates out there! My kids freakin LOVE you! they think it is awesome to be gimping around on a i am giving you all a "shout out!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


**Warning: This could possibly offend some of my if I do..i am sorry...I still love you all!****

So one of the perks of working at Club Sport in Kids World, is I have been able to master making paper airplanes. They are a huge hit with the kids. Before i started working with the kids,i knew that i would have to have someone teach me how to do this. I could technically "Make them" but they would not fly. From what i would not go down well if the plane you made didnt fly!

While I was in training I noticed how much the kids love love love the airplanes. It didn't matter if they were 1 or 12..they loved the paper airplanes. Especially the ones that would do tricks or fly super far.... So i mastered the skill. It has been a huge hit with my boys.

Whenever Mr.C gets the chance he is running in with stacks of paper and he asks he to make them for him. I was getting tired of making them at home and seriously we were wasting trees from the loads that i would i told him i would only make one a day. He then decided to take matters into his own hands and make his "own" airplanes. I told him that was fine to practice but still he could only do up to 5 a day...which really is a ton less than what i would catch him doing. He loves to make them for him and his little brother. I used to walk into a room and there would literally be no carpet in sight..the floors would be white with paper airplanes. So i had to stop the chaos of paper wasting.

Mr. C loves when his buddies come over. He loves to have me make each of them their own special "jet" of which, i will individualize and color. They usually turn out pretty sweet and the kids will play forever flying their planes around the house. Well those who know my son and his friends know how competitive they all are. They will get their airplanes and then it is a constant competition to see who's jet flies the fastest or the longest. The other day i was watching one of Mr. C's friends. He was sooo excited to have me make them all their special airplanes. So i sat down and i went to town making and decorating their jets. I made each kid their own airplane, and then i would color and write their names on them so they knew who's was who's. The kids where sooo excited to launch the airplanes off the top of my stairs to see how far and how fast they would fly. So while they were off playing with their airplanes, I decided to get some house work done.(i know...A seems with working part time and running a business/primary/chauffeuring to and from preschool etc.....i feel like my house is a war zone)I am cleaning away when all of a sudden i hear this upstairs...

Mr.C: "HOLY SH@@....this jet is soo fast..this jet is the fastest one ever!He tells his buddy how awesome this jet is.

I wasn't sure i heard this correctly. I was thinking.." no i dont think he just said that." well..ok... maybe he did. I calmly called up to Mr.C...

Me: " hey... MR C....Will you come down here..I would like to talk to you." (he came down the stairs.)"What did you just say?"

Mr.C: " kinda laughing, he says "i didnt say anything mom". The way his tone of voice was i could tell he was embarrassed.

Me: " Mr.C i dont think i heard nothing..i want to know what it is you said"

Mr.C ..."ummmm you know what i said mom...i was just sooo excited for this plane..and it is the best one flies sooo fast. I just love it. I said "holy Sh$@" because it is sooo cool and flies sooo fast."

So in the meantime i am trying not to laugh because i thought it was hilarious...I cant let him see that i am internally I proceed tell him we do not swear. It is not OK...and that The word he used was not an OK word to say. I then tell him that since he knows what he said is now a "badword" then needs to just not to say it at all..I tell him the next time i hear it, he will get pepper on his tongue..(one of my techniques i use for his backtalking or smart mouthing)

Mr.C me a hug and then runs right back up to fly his super "JET"!

So morale of this story...

I need to be very careful with the words that "sometimes" happen to come out of my mouth! It looks like I have lots of little ears listening...I would like to think that i did inherit this trait from my grandmother...but hey, at at least it runs in the family, Right! hahahahaha

For my dad and mom:

(dad/mom....hahaha this is my child isn't you think gramma is looking down from heaven right now laughing at us? )