Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Dandelion

Last night, I was heading up to bed, to do the usual routine..brush teeth..get in jammies...go pee..kiss my boys goodnight for the millionth time, you know, the usual stuff we all do before all head off to "dreamyland." I walked into my bathroom and found this.

Now, I mentioned in earlier posts, that my little gavin loves to surprise me with these little treasures! He loves to give them to me.

Last night, after I saw this, it truly made me smile from EAR to EAR. I was soo grateful for this little surprise. I sat and looked at how he carefully placed it in the water to keep it alive as long as he could. I love how he used one of his cups he uses after he brushes his teeth to rinse. I love how it was probably a used one because there was a smudge of toothpaste or something on the side of the cup. I love how he cleared off a small portion on my counter to place it right in front for me to see. I love how the flower must have been there most of the day because it had definitely seen better days. I love that he never said a word about this. We both went about our day. I love how he kept this a secret all day, even from his big brother, who he tells everything too. I love how he planned it out, and he knew that after a long day I would wind up in the bathroom to get ready for bed.

My little man had been out playing outside earlier in the day. I remember him telling me he needed to run upstairs for something..but I didn't think anything of it. Our busy lives happened.

It was amazing to me how much that little dandelion meant to me. It MELTED my heart!

This morning, after little gavinator and I had gotten the con man off to school..he came up and gave me a huge hug. I told him that mommy loved him soo much and that he gave me the best surprise EVER. He then got the cutest little smirk/smile on his face and said, "mommy, I surprised you mommy! Is it still in the water..? If it ever dies..ill get you a new one." He was sooo excited. It melted my heart again.

He just really know how to get to my heart. I have the bestest boys in the world!
Watch out ladies..this little ladies man MINE.