Sunday, August 24, 2008

The little Gavinator

So i have been trying to work with the little gavinator to start helping him learn to get dressed by himself. He is soo independent that he does not want you to help him do anything. So the other day i had asked Mr. C and little gavinator to run upstairs and get dressed. This is how little Gavinator looked when he came down. He runs up to me and says "yook.. mom... yook at me" He was soo proud of how he had gotten himself ready..helmet/rainboots and all..He didnt even care that he didnt have pants or a shirt. He then took off into the garage. He got into his "car" and he was off. I love these little boys..they always make me laugh!

This is little gavinator smiling for the proud!

here he is heading off to the garage!

here he is getting into his "car"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

HE DID IT!!! ...FINIALLY ....YEAH!!!!!

So for the last while J and i have been trying to get Mr. C to ride his bike without training wheels. He can ride soo well with training wheels on and he always wants to try to do tricks and go "super fast". Well.. it has been such a interesting battle trying to teach him to do this, because usually he picks things up pretty fast. Well bike riding was a little different for us. He has a friend, who is a year younger than him, and he is awesome at his bike. This little friend can stand on the pegs on his bike, and he can start and stop on his own, and is really good at riding. Mr. C would tell me all the time that he wants to ride just like his friend. So we have tried working with him. He wasn't quite grasping it. Mr. C was getting soo frustrated with this fact that it got to the point that i told him the training wheels where just going to go back on the bike. I was out of patience. He was out of patience. I know, i know that sounds horrible of me but i just couldn't get him to understand that he COULD DO THIS and he just needed to listen to what we tell him and trust himself to do it.

So today we were outside. He loves to ride up and down the driveway hills and try to "jump" just like the big kids do on our block. Our neighbor drives up to Mr. C and i notice they are talking. I walk over to where Mr. C is at and I hear this conversation going:

Neighbor: "Mr. C you are soo good at that bike, Why do you have training wheels on?"

Mr. C: " i just do..they help me so i dont fall. It is soo hard and i cant do my tricks without them on"

Neighbor: "Mr.C you need to get that bike inside and have your mom and dad take those off. You are riding soo well and the training wheels don't need to be there.
He then tells Mr. C that his son was 3 years old when he started to ride his bike without training wheels."

This impresses Mr.C. Our neighbor has to leave for work. As he pulls away, he tells me to get those training wheels off. I decide to ask Mr. C if i could take them off and we could give it another shot. He first hesitates, but then i tell him how fast he will be able to go without them. I tell them that i know that he can do this and it will help him be able to do his "tricks" Mr. C finially agrees..... And then the miracle happened.

I started out like usual. I held onto the back of his seat and started to run with him down the street. I let go and dont tell him. (before when i would do this he would freak out and stop pedaling and then tip over immediately) Today he just took off. He did it. I yelled to him "YEAH MR. C you are doing it!!" He didn't fall. Not once. He is elated and cant contain his excitement. He wants to call the entire world and let them know he can ride his bike without training wheels. We call his little friend and we call his daddy. We tell daddy that Mr. C has a huge surprise for him when he comes home for lunch. Within 5 minutes of him figuring out how to ride he decided he is a Pro. He quickly teaches himself how to start and stop without me helping him. He also figures out how to go off jumps and do his crazy tricks like " no feet and i can do it with my eyes closed". I advise him that riding with his eyes closed is not a good idea and he needs to keep them open to watch out for cars. I am soo excited for him. He has got it down and has figured out how to all his tricks soo quick. J and i are soo proud of him.
here are a few pics of him when he first figured out that he could do this. I love his facial expressions..he is soo excited!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Gorilla Water Bottle!!!

Warning:(this post was written at 330 in the morning.....i couldnt sleep and so bare with me if it is full of grammer issues and spelling errors!!)

So the other day i was feeding the kids lunch. I usually just give the kids their kids cups with their water or milk but today i noticed all of the kids cups were in the dishwasher. So i decied to get the Gavinator a sippy cup and Conner this Gorilla Water Bottle. Well, little G decideds he wants the Gorilla water bottle and Mr. C does not want him to get it. I tell Mr. C that i can get him another cool water bottle if he could let Little G use the Gorilla. In the past little G has loved loved loved this water bottle. In the past he would get this water bottle and get soo excited and then say "ohh ohh ohhh awww awww"(that is gorilla talk in his words). I normally dont let him use it a ton because he will sometimes poor the milk or water out on the floor..but he really wanted it today.

I tried to tell Mr. C that i could get him this darth vador water bottle and he could give the gavinator the gorilla. He actually had actually agreed. Without a complaint even! I think to myself "Wow that was easy" "its usually not that easy but hey Mr. C is growing up!"

So right as i am trying to get the new water bottle for Mr. C. ..... then of course a work call comes in, so i need to go in our office and take it. While i am on with a customer I hear this screaming going on all of a sudden in the kitchen. I am not sure what is going on but i had to quickly ask the customer if i can call them back. I run into the kicthen. It is little G and he is crying soooo sooo bad. He keeps saying, "scary.. scary.. scary..scary ohhh ohhh awww awwww." I had to pull out the Camera because it was soo funny. Mr.C would push the water bottle in front of him and he would start screaming bloddy murder! He was really scared... poor kid..but I was laughing soo hard I had to pull the camera out. Once i get Little G calmed down (after our round of pics of course) I proceed to ask Mr. C what happened, and why his little brother is all of a sudden scared of this water bottle.

Mr.C is always finding little ways to get through to gavin so he can get his way. I guess this is the joys of childhood and learning... and this time Mr. C decided that he didnt want little g to have the water bottle. So i find out that he told Little G that the gorilla was real and started to make scary gorilla noices to poor little G. Mr. C said he was nice because he didnt hit little G, he just talked to him. And well for the Gavinator, if you are two, and you worship the ground your brother walks on, and believe every word that come out of his mouth, then i can see why little G believed him ....Poor little Gavinator.

What is sad, is we tried to show little Gavinator that Mr. C was just kidding. He didnt believe us. To this day he still will have nothing to do with that water bottle. I dont think the gavinator will ever use this water bottle again ...and i must say that Mr. C absoutley knew what he was doing because he wanted the water bottle the whole time. Oh man these boys!!

Here are a few of the pics in a "play by play" sequence of what i saw in the kicthen

All of this because of this Gorilla Water Bottle!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Watch out So You Think You Can Dance!

So yesterday night i went some friends to the first night of the our towns little festival that is happening this weekend. My good friend called me up and asked if i wanted to go. They were going to go out and have a pinic dinner and then stick around because there was this really cool band playing. It was great. We let the kids run around and play and the weather was perfect! Well the band started so we made our way forward to the dance floor. This band was sooo awesome! They played some really fun dancing music and of course we all wanted to get out there and boogie! Especially the kids! They all loved dancing around and we all had a blast.

Most of you know that I am addicted to the show So you think you can dance. I am soo bummed the show is over and i cant wait for next season. I even got J to get into the show this time,which let me tell you, it was a miracle because he does not do reality tv especially a dancing reality show. But he was a good sport, and i told him i would get more into watching sports with him if he would do this for me! And as the season went on he actually liked the show. We were big fans of Twitch and Kerrington and also Joshua and Katie!

Well we have been recording the show during the week and then we would watch on the weekend because our kids love it too. My son is obsessed with break dancing and hip hop. It would be soo cute..he would watch the hip hop or popping routines and then he would get in front of the room and try to copy all the moves. In fact some of the moves he is actually pretty good. And for my child to have some rythym, since his mommmy and daddy have none, is a miracle. He wants to get in some classes but i have not found any around here. So he tries to teach himself by watching the routines over and over. If you are a fan of this show you will remember the little 6 year old boy who performed and seriously Mr.C love him! He keeps asking me if he can get lessons so he can dance like that boy. He watches his routine and pratices and practices.
So last night out on the dance floor Mr. C got totally into it and was trying sooo hard to break dance. It was halirous and adorable! Way to go Mr.C and Watch out So you think you can dance...

Little Gavinator trying to do the same moves as his brother!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Me in the hospital after having little G

little baby G

Our little Man! is little G's 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday Buddy! I cant believe two years has already passed since i had my little baby boy! I was laying in bed last night at about midnight and i sat there thinking to myself, wow...i was in the hospital two years ago and i was one hour away from having this little boy.
Little G is such a funny little guy. He is always making us laugh and he has quite the since of humor. He loves batman and pirates. When we are at home he is always getting in his batman costume. He loves that costume. He also loves to try to be just like his big brother and his friends. He is soo proud of his 2nd birthday today. When he woke up, i went in to sing to him and he said, " yeah Two!! And then he holds up 4 little fingers and says two, two over and over again..hahaha we are still working on his numbers:)We sure love you little G and we want to wish you a very very Happy Birthday today!!