Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So i have deep down known that my little baby is getting older..but if your a mom then you all know how it is.... I dont want to REALLY admit it yet! I am not ready for him to be such a big boy!.....he is still my little baby! Where does the time GO?

Today when MR.C was at school, I was busy trying to get the dishes done. I heard under my feet little steps..but i was soo busy trying to get the long overdue stack of dishes loaded up, that i didnt really pay much attention. My little "baby" walks up pats on my leg and says,"moomy...need you."

When i look down he is getting crocodile tears in his eys and he is looking at me with this sad little face. He is holding his arms up for me to pick him up. They way he said it, and the way he was looking at me, it just melted my heart! My little gavinator! My BABY!! (ugghhh ya..this little boy knows how to pull at the heart strings. hahah dont all little kids though!!)

So, i gather him up and hold him like he was a little baby! We walk over to the couch and have a moment. We are snuggling! This doesnt happen very often since he always has to remind me that he is not a baby. So i take a moment and sit. I am enjoying putting my busy life on hold just to sit and hold my little gavinator. All of a sudden my little guy starts up this conversation with me!

Remember this little man is just 2! well.. ok he is almost 2 1/2:)

Gavin- mommy, am i your little man?(but he says his L's and T's soo very cute)
Me- are my little man! I love my little Man! I love him very much!
Gavin- "NOOOO... mommy...I am NOT you LITTLE man..I AM YOUR HUGE MAN. HUGE HUGE HUGE MAN!!

Next part to the conversation:
Gavin-Mommy am I your little boy?
Me-Yes are my little boy.!I love that you are my little boy!
Gavin-NOOOO, MOMMY...I AM NOT YOUR LITTLE BOY... I your HUGE BOY. Huge, Huge Huge Boy. I no little boy. I no little man!!"

Oh.....i just sighed!....another reminder that my little guy is growing up right before my eyes!

My little man no longer wants to be called "little" anymore..instead of "big" the word he came up with was "huge" i guess I now get to snuggle my "huge man" and my "huge boy" hahaha...oh they just grow up way way way too fast...don't they??

Gasp...tears...sob sob!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day: Dec 25, 2008

The morning of Dec 25th, 2008 was an early one for me. Ever since i was a little girl.. i have never been able to sleep on christmas morning. I remember waking up my little brother, and we would both be watching the clock slowly tick by! We could not hold our excitment in! My dad was always soo excited too, so by 4:00 we wound up in my parents room snuggling my dad with excitment. Meanwhile my poor mom was snoring away! We had a rule that as soon as 6:00 hit we could run through and wake up all of my brothers and sisters to start our chritmas morning! I am just like my dad! I get just as excited to see the excitment on my kids faces that i literally cant sleep!

On this particular morning,i was up at 5:30 laying in bed with anticipation! I didnt get to bed until like 1:00 too! I really thought that my boys would be up at the crack of dawn,so i had mentally prepared my brain for an early sunrise. I layed there and watched the clock tick away...600am...700am...800am.."Seriously, where is the world were my little boys." They are usually always up on any given "normal" day between 7:30-8:00...This morning it was starting to approach 8:30 and they still werent up! I literally was going CRAZY!! J was laughing at me!

It reminded me of my past, when my poor mom just wanted to get a little shut eye, but my brother, dad and i were too busy whispering to each other pass the time away!My mom would just laugh then as nicely as she could at 400am say to us, "please just try to sleep!"

I was just about to wake the boy's up when all of the sudden... I hear a door open. Then I hear lots of whispering.."did santa come?" "yes..yeah!!!..." santa came..yeah!" "lets get mommy and daddy"..."!"

They both came running into our room squealing with delight!..hahaha..They thought they were ready to get downstairs..sheesh....I was SOOO READY to get downstairs!..Out of all the days to sleep in... why couldnt i have take advantage of that on this particular one!! What is wrong with me that i REALLY CANT SLEEP IN on christmas morning!

Our christmas mornings usually have a little tradition where we have everyone help make a fun christmas breakfeast. We do get to go and see what is in our stockings first..,but as far as the rest of what santa brought...well... we all get to wait until after we eat..,then do dishes...,then clean up breakfeast..,then finially we get to go in to start the festivities of the morning. Because the kids got up sooo late, we didnt even start the present opeaning until at least 9:30 going on 1000.

When i was growing up we would have been already done with a nap by this time! It was nuts. I do love this though because I feel like the fun and excitment lasts all morning long. Here are some pics of the boys and their stocking..their faces priceless! They were soo excited!!

We also have a tradition that after everything is cleaned up from breakfeast, the kids get to bust through the "wrapping paper wall". They get to run through a wall of wrapping paper to see what Santa left them. This year Mr.C was really worried there might have been coal left for him..since in his own words,he had made a "few poor choices". He hoped santa would forgive him. And he said he was trying really hard to be a better big brother! hahahaha! I love kids!

The boy's busted through the paper wall, and they were both soo full of JOY and EXCITEMENT! Santa did come!...and he didnt leave coal after all! They were sooo excited about the fun things he left for each boy. They were both sooo SHOCKED that Santa really does KNOW EXACTLY what each of them wanted! Mr.C noticed right away that santa had eaten all of the cookies we left him and he even left behind crumbs. Santa even wrote the boys a little note and left it on the cookie tray! It was on a red sheet of paper with a gold bow and they were soo thrilled by that!
Here are a few pics of the kids getting ready to run through the paper..and a few from right after!

Both kids getting ready to Run!! Echo too..she was excited too!

Look at lille Gavinator running towards his "choo chooo"..funny how Mr.C already beat him to where his stuff was!!

The morning was sooo sooo fun! We decided to make it last as long as we could, so we each did one present at a time. The kids liked doing this until, I realized sometime during present opeaning, little Gavinator went missing. J and I discovered that he would go under the tree to get a present and just tear it open without us looking! hahaha! He was the little present HOG! It was adorable! I wished my camera would have captured him in the act of doing this! I am pretty sure he opeaned most of mine ,and i am pretty sure he opeaned up all but one of J's. He had even managed to open a few that were under the tree that were left for jesse's mom and dad and his little brother and sister. Pretty sneaky little fellow! He loved,loved,loved opeaning presents this year! The two boys had a very fun morning busily playing with their new "loot"! And i had a fun morning of playing with my "loot" Thank you J for waiting at Game Stop for 4 hours just to get me WII Fit! I love it!

We had a fun filled afternoon. Then that night we went to our awesome friends/old neighbors house for a super YUMMY christmas dinner. After pigging out on the most delicious ham and potatoes. And stuffing myself full of dessert, all of us adults sat around the little fire that my friend had made, and it was just magical! The kids were having a blast playing with their friends that they hadnt seen in awhile,and i was able to just sit and enjoy the company of our friends. It was alot of fun!
We are soo blessed that we have made such wonderful friends here! I am soo blessed that i can call these friends my "family"! I am very grateful to them! I am soo grateful how all of you, came to my rescue to make sure i would be ok, and you all made sure that I could have a wonderful christmas break afterall. You all knew how bummed i was because of how the weather I felt, had "ruined" all i had planned!..but you all stepped in, and helped make us feel not soo lonely this christmas season! YOu guys really are the bestest friends in the world! thank you friends... you all know who you are! You are the bestest in the world! I love you guys!

The night sadly had to come to an end..for it was time to get the little ones ready for bed! Not only were the kids exhauseted from our fun filled day..but their poor mommy was sooo ready for bed! It had turned out to be a great christmas!

Here are a few more pics from our fun morning:

The boys loved checking out what the other boy would get..and they loved helping each other open their present!Amazing..and no fighting!!

Joey looks sad cuddling his present..but he was sooo excited! His face is soo cute cause he looks soo sad but you should've seen his little butt wagging with excitment! This dog loves to be right by the boys! They are all best friends! Wherever they are.. you can always find joey right there with them!

Mr.C giving little G a little christmas hug!

So J and Mr.C both have batman shirts..little gavinator has been wanting one soo soooo bad..I havnt been able to find him one. The only store that had them was baby gap. I refused to pay the $28.50 that the store was asking. Well, me being the bargain shopper i have become, kept checking in with the store to see when it would go on sale. On christmas Eve..i happened to be at the mall with my best friends. I checked in to baby gap and guess what!!!.... the shirt he has been wanting soo bad was on sale!! And for SUPER CHEAP!! yeah! I couldnt believe it! I ended up being able to get him 2 superhero shirts for not even close to the price they were orginially asking! I love getting awesome deals! He loves this shirt..that is all he ever wants to wear! He loves superhero's! Batman and Superman are his favorites! So now the only fight i have to deal with is trying to get him to take that shirt off!

In closing...I also wanted to tell my family that i love them all very much! I miss you all a ton and i think about you all time time! I hope that all of you had a great christmas too! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

We did have a fun Christmas. The weather did put a damper on what would have happened, but i tried really hard to make it just as special this year. Here is a recap of our fun Christmas 2008.

Our Christmas Eve was kind of a quick impromptu from that which we normally do every year...but it turned out soo fun and we all had a blast. I decided to attempt some pics of the boys that night by the tree..It was pretty funny...For some reason my boys get really silly. I feel like they compete for the "silly" picture as soon as they see the camera come out. I can rarely capture them both just smiling naturally..actually little Gavinator does pretty good..its Mr.C that always has to pull out that crazy smile. It always seems to turn into a fight somehow whenever i pull out my camera... but i did manage to get a few... These two will always try to get each other to laugh and that usually starts out good but it will always without fail end up with a fight. They will say words to try to get each other to smile. Usually those words ALWAYS have to do with "pooping" or "farting" or "boogers", and they always think that it is just the funniest thing ever! I also had to attempt taking pics without either one of them laughing their head off, or trying not to beat each other up. They tend to annoy each other really fast! They both love to show off for the camera,so because of that, one child usually ends up mad or crying cause the other was stealing the "lime light"! My two boys have the typical love/hate brother relationship!! hahaha..

We decided that morning that we were going to do something different this year. We ordered Chinese food in. I had set up a "picnic" on the floor by the Christmas tree. It was just magical! The only lights we had on were those from the tree, and it was soo fun to be able to be there with my little family enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

I promise that Mr.C was loving this..though the picture doesn't capture that!

Mr.C was sooo excited all night that he kept asking when he could go to bed that night. He wanted to go to bed at 630 because he said that way Santa would be here faster. After we did our delicious dinner we read the boys the story of Christ's birth out of Luke and Matthew from the bible. It was cute because we have a little Nativity set that they each would hold and while Daddy read, they would act out what was going on with their little Nativity sets. We then did our tradition of opening up the kids Christmas Jammie's. They also get to open up our special Christmas story. I started a tradition of buying one Christmas story that we read before bed that night.

So here is J reading that story to the boys.

You can totally tell by this time..they are both done with picture taking! hehe but i had to keep the camera rolling! Their faces crack me up in this picture!

So we then got the cookies set out for santa. The kids were, for the first time EVER, EXCITED about going to bed! thank goodness..Santa would have a busy night that night. He really needed to make sure both boys were sound sound asleep before he could come to the house. And with that We all Went to Bed!