Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dino Museum

This place was soo much fun! While i was in Utah for the wedding, i spent one of the days with my parents and my nephew. We all decided to go to the dino museum in Lehi. It was soo fun! The kids all really excited...though i am not sure any one them knew what it really would be like.

My son loves dinosaurs in theory....but i tell you he can get scared pretty fast. His two best friends love love dinosaurs especially T-rex's but Mr.C gets scared really fast. And he even told me he wanted to go to the dino museum but he was a little scared of the T'rexs. And we brought my nephew and he said he didnt even know what a dinosaur was before we went. and i thought "oh great this could backfire" And Little G loves just about anything that roars and is scary so i actually didnt think he would have a problen. It would be an adventure!

I had a blast with my parents. I love spending time with them, and i love how much the boys love them. The museum was soo fun...i mean it was way more exciting than i thought it would be. The first half of the trip all three kids were scarred to death!!! They wanted nothing to do with it...i mean you walk through these rooms They are really dark. There are dinosaur noices going on in the background that sounds like the actual dinosaur. And these freakin fossils are real so they are HUGE!!!! The kids would sneak behind one of us adults into each room and upon first getting inside they all kinda backpeddled backwards a few steps and then they look around wide eyed. They would look over at us adults and make sure "Is this ok? this is really not real, right?"...and then they would proceed with caution! It was funny we had gavin screaming "mommy mommy" and my nephew was ready to run to the front door and leave and conner just stood frozen my me or by his papa. My mom and dad, and I were all kinda chuckling and we just had to keep telling the boys it wasnt real. And if they stuck it out we would soon get to the dino dig and they could play. They made it through in one piece or i should say, The adults made it through in one piece. Going anywhere with 3 very very active boys can be enough to wear anyone out! But it was fun seeing all three boys playing and having a good time. I know my kids loved spending time with their cousin and also with papa and grandma. The day was a blast! the kids loved being with grandma and grandpa and i enjoyed getting to spend the day with my family! I miss them like crazy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


first off i apologize that i am posting all these at the same time. We have been soo busy i feel like i am doing catch up.

Ok so my son Mr.C broke his leg back at the end of Feb. It has been such a long 8 weeks with 3 different casts, lots and lots of tears, very little sleep. Mr. C was out on a Sunday afternoon playing with a basketball when we heard this blood curtailing screaming. J runs out there and we see Mr. C on the grass just screaming and crying. He can be a little dramatic so i didnt think anything of it. I thought ok there is no way he could of broken his leg. He wasnt jumping off anything, there are no dips in the grass, nothing. I thought he might of sprained it if anything.

Well 45 minutes of absolute screaming and a boy who keeps yelling "mommy, mommy i broke my bone" J finally decides to make the call and to take to take him in. Usually it is me who is always taking the kids to the dr even for the littlest thing and J is always making fun of me for bringing them in for nothing...this time J knew without a doubt that something was wrong with Mr.C. Usually Mr c will cry when he gets hurt but when it turned to 45 in of screaming and you couldnt even touch his shin and then J saw a little spot on his shin start to bulge, we get our butts in that car and Hi-tale it to the ER.

This Er ...well that could be another post for another day. Basically it was a sunday evening...and lets just say that there were some major crazy's there that night. I swear they all came out of the woodwork and J and i were laughing at how bad we felt for the poor er drs and nurses who had to deal with these people. Well long story short we get Mr.Cs xray and the Xray tech says "i am not supposed to say when something is broken or not but his leg is soo bad that if that were my grandson i would want him on pain meds immediately, you go in and tell that nurse to get that boy something to help him" So we head in and my heart sinks. I am crying because i felt like a horrible mom for not believing him in the first place. Mr. C knew the entire time he broke it and i just didnt think it was possible. Mr. C is trying soo hard to be brave and i just feel soo helpless and i felt like the worst parent ever! Well long story short it was a very very long 4 weeks right after the brake. He had a spiral fracture and it literally went up his entire shin. The specialist said that it is actually very common in kids to have this happen they call it a toddler fracture. All Mr.C did was step down to get his ball and then he must of torqued his body the wrong way and then pop..the rest is history. In adults we would of likely torn a tendon but in kids the tendons are just too thin and not yet strong enough so the bone will be the first thing to break.

WEll Mr. C has endured a very long 8 weeks of 3 different casts,pain and discomfort,but alas his leg is better! We are very grateful for all the help we had from everyone and all the prayers to help him heal. I also want to thank our very good friend ben and for doing all the artwork on conners casts. I cannot tell you how much conner loved it. I cant thank you enough! Conner loved the dragons and skulls! you are awesome, ben.. thank you soo much!

I love to see the temple!

ok i had to post this picture! I love it sooo much! I took this picture at seths wedding reception at the Joseph Smith memorial building. Little G loved looking at the temple. He would run around the reception like a crazy boy and then ask to get up so he could look out the window! Oh my little baby is growing up! He is looking soo old! It is crazy how fast time flies!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in Town!!

Man this has been such a busy couple of months for us! We just back in town from Utah. We were there for J's brother seth's Wedding. The wedding was sooo amazing and the reception was sooo much fun. I know j and i both loved being able to show Mr.c and little G in person where their mom and dad got married. Mr C loved the temple and it was such a beautiful day on may 6th, the day they got married!I will post some pics of seth and tara later..i still need to download them to the computer. I do have some cute pics of the boys from the wedding. i will try to post those. I loved being able to go back to utah and see family and friends! But congrats Seth and Tara and i hope that you are having fun in cancun!!!!