Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Love you to the moon" and other ramblings!

(photo was taken on crazy sock day)

I had to write this down because it truly melted my heart. Today I got home from work. I wanted to just sit and veg and snuggle and hug my boy. I said to gavin, "I love you to the moon and back." He looked at me..and (i could tell he was thinking), then he said, "Mommy, I love you to the stop sign and back."

And that melted my heart. I love that the stop sign was the furthest thing he thought of. I could tell he was computing in his little brain how far that was for him.

And that by itself made my day!

Well...that was not the only thing that made my day...I am pretty sure the fact that I was able to get out of my ticket today helped also.

I was running late to work. My friend sent me a text to see if I could cover her shift for her. I got the text and called her at 925 this am. Since i had dinked around this morning I hadn't yet showered or gotten ready. Crazy mode 101 kicked in. I needed to be to work, ready with my child, lunch in hand for my boy..all by 1000. I knew I would be like a chicken with my head cut off. I showered, dressed, and had my hubby help get gavins lunch all ready..I knew i had to be out the door by 950.

I knew that I would be a little bit late so, I had asked my friend to call and let the supervisor know i would be there but, I may be just a little bit late. I got into the car at 10:03. I was totally impressed by by speedy getting ready and out the door in such a timely fashion. I was proud that i did it quick and got out the door. BUT.. In my hurry,I left my cordless headset at home. I always forget it, but I figured I was just hurrying into work, so it would be fine.

I pull out of my neighborhood and get my cell and dial my buddy to make sure she had let work know i would be there..just not right at 1000. I wanted to make sure so that i wouldn't have to make the call in to them. As i was got the phone to my ear, I see car. SH.(my way of swearing without swearing)..IT IS A COP!.

He saw the whole thing. Me: pick up ...dial..and get on the phone. I knew he saw me so I quickly get off and set my phone in the cup holder. I knew he was going to pull me over because he immediately flipped a u turn to follow me. But he didn't pull me over immediately. He followed me for about 7 minutes. I thought..huh..look at that..then right before I entered my work parking lot...the lights on his car turn on.
SH.(again my way of swearing with swearing)..Crap..I knew he decided to pull me over.

He gets to the car. I had my licence all ready for him and the first thing I did was apologize. I knew I was on my phone. I let him know what i was doing being on the cell phone. I just wanted to make sure he knew i wasn't lying and I was being totally honest. He continued his procedure of the whole registration and insurance stuff. I get him the registration and license. As he is running my info, my child in the seat behind me asks if i am going to jail. I quickly assure him i am not and just tell him everything will be ok.

I then cannot find my insurance card. SH..again..I was a little panicked because I knew I had put the new one in the car..I just couldn't find it. I politely ask the officer if I could call my hubby and see if he might know where it is. He says I can. So I call jesse

ME: "hey babe..hows it going...ummm do you know where our insurance card is for the car?"
Jesse:"ya it is in the glove box." "why"
ME:"ummm..well i got pulled over and i need to show it to the officer."
Jesse:"SHAUNA..R E A L L Y? WHAT happened?"
Me:"ughhh..alright, I found it babe..i love you. I will call u later,..when i am not driving and i am at work."
I hung up b4 he could respond.

Thankfully, I finally found the insurance card. PHEW! The officer looks at everything and runs me in the system.
He walks back to my car. He lets me GO!! YAY! WITHOUT A TICKET! DOUBLE YAY! I was soo relieved. Getting a ticket would have really put a damper in my day..yet along my checking account.
I tell him thank you soo much. I am relieved and little gavinator is relieved I am not going to jail. I then proceed on with my day and get to work..I guess if I was 30 min least i didn't get a ticket, RIGHT! Phew..

As I sit and type, I breath a HUGE sigh of relief. I just sit and think about how much it made me smile when gavin told me he loved me to the stop sign and back!:)