Thursday, May 21, 2009


We have been soo absolutely crazy busy here, that i have been neglecting my lovely amazingly wonderful blog. I have had things that i have wanted to write about to remember, and then i get soo crazy that i forget to write them and then they turn into a blur with the rest of my life. Tonight my poor husband has already put in a 15 hour day and still is not going to be able to get home before 3 am. So that makes it a lovely 21 hour day! So i guess i should not be complaining since at least i am home 2night and able to be in my lovely jammies. It is already almost ten and i just got my kids to bed. I had to work and then after work i decided to take the kids swimming. My, oh my, it was fun..busy but fun! But let me tell you once we made it home and i got them ready for bed...I must say it is nice to have the peace and quiet that only bedtime can bring. So as i sit here smelling the Rank smell of Chlorine all over my body...i thought..what the heck..ill blog and at least try to catch up a little bit on our life.

A very good friend had the best idea for her boys bedroom. I loved it soo soo much and so i had to copy her. Thanks Amy..i am soo excited for the boys cute new shelves. She had the idea of putting up recycled/broken skate board decks in her little boys room and then she would use them as shelving. Well...i have been looking for shelves small enough to fit on a certain wall in my boys room, and this IDEA WAS PERFECT! They are the perfect size and once they are installed i can removed half of the clutter that is all over their dressers! And not only does it look so amazingly cute...the skateboard decks were FREE!! I repeat they were FREE!!! WOOT! The only thing i am going to have to pay for is the hardware! woohoo!It is going to look RAD! And it totally helps that Mr.C and little gavinator seriously love skateboards. They both love that the weather has been soo nice so they have been outside whenever they get the chance to practice on their skateboards! SO woohoo to great friends who have great ideas...and "woot" to free shelving for my boys room!
I will post pics once i get them mounted on the wall!

More exciting news is that So you think you can Dance has started. I haven't watched it yet..but i am soo excited to sit and watch with my boys! Jesse and i love to watch it with the boys. Conner and Gavin are both OBSESSED with break dancing. They love it! They will break dance and try to copy what they see and it is ADORABLE! WOOT for my favorite show ! That always makes coming home from an insane day worth it!

And WOOT for KRIS on American IDOL! I have loved him from the start! He is amazing and i am soo glad that he won. Thank you America for agreeing with me! He is quite frankly one of my all time favorites..truly AMAZING!! I think i may become a Kris "groupie" and and have to go to every concert he does here in Portland!:)The night he won I was soooo PUMPED!!! i was not expecting it at all..but when they announced him i literally freaked out! was SOO AWESOME!!

The weather here has been AWESOME!! I MEAN ABSOLUTELY beautiful! We have tried to spend time outside every chance i get.

well i am getting has been such a big day and i will have another huge day 2morrow, so i think i am going to hit the sack!
anyhow..i would love to write more, but i hear one child upstairs crying ,so i am off to go and see what is up. I will hopefully be able to post some pics is busy, life is good...and i hope to see my hubby b4 i forget what he looks like!