Sunday, July 10, 2011

when life throws you a lemon......take a bite out of these

BEST doorbell suprise EVER~!

check it out~

I mean how could these not cheer you up when you have had an emotionally exhausting week/weekend. the culprit who made these for me(you know you you are) seriously made my night.. and yes, I have to admit I almost peed my pants because I was laughing so hard. These trully did put a smile on my fact, everytime I look at them I start laughing hysterically to the point I actually might have peed my pants ...TMI..sorry.

The best part is, I went to take a bite out of the bottom half, it actually made me feel a little dirty biting the part of the cookie with the string bikini~ just sayin..but of course it didnt stop me. Wonder what the top half will make me feel like...:)I cant wait!

truly..hands down.. one of the BEST gifts EVER to cheer you up when you are feeling down.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mosquitos are the devil

yes..mosquito's are the devil. i hate the itching madness..I hate that they love me so very much. i mean.. i am quite the catch..hahahahahaha ..jk..but really..i am pretty sure those biting little boogers are of the devil. and bit my hand right next to my Itch's so freakin bad. And who bites someone right next to your just seems like such a weird spot...i am not going to mention the other 40 bazillion bites i have everywhere is driving me c r a z y~

on the other hand..the lighting storm tonight was freakin amazing. Like really really spectacular. It was so amazing to watch the sky light up. i am pretty sure for me tonight was much more amazing then the fireworks yesterday. yesterday was a hard day for me.. that and tonight i had my two little boys back with me watching this spectacular event play out also. this is something they have never seen to this extent before. they loved it. we were driving across the valley tonight following the storm and i am pretty sure it made my kids made my night also... it was so beautiful. lighting storm watching is a bonus while living in utah during the good ol summer. it has been over 11 years since i have seen something as amazing as what i saw tonight.

on another low beam light on my van went out. my lil bro and dad had tried fixing it but it was not budging. in fact we accidentally changed the wrong light bulb and changed the high beam instead of the low beam..but i decided to go drive over to o'riellys auto part store. At the time we didnt know we had changed the wrong bulb. I just want to give a huge shout out and thank you to the boy who worked there tonight(who might i add.. was very rough looking around the edges, and looked as if he was from the west side gang here in that exists..i am pretty sure it exists) He did not have to change this fact he had told me that the company used to help customers in fixing things but this one one they don't like to fix because with my van this light is very difficult to change and can break stuff if you are not careful. he said there were too many things that could break and the store doesn't want to be liable....but out of the goodness of his heart, after I am pretty sure he could see i was almost about to start crying(it had been a difficult last 24 hours and for some reason my emotion started to come out of nowhere in the middle of the store),he told me he would come outside with me and take a look at it. Not sure if he wanted to help fix it or try to just get me to NOT cry. hahahahahaha but He ended up spending over 45 mins of his time to help fix it. He said it was the most stubborn part he has ever had to fix. He also mentioned multiple times how much he hates minivans and couldn't understand why i drove this. bahahahahahah.. Did i mention it was pouring rain while he worked on changing the light.What this boy didn't realize was how much this meant to me. i have been going through a whole lot and this little act of service seriously made my night. Did I mention how I didn't have to pay him a dime(except for the actual part..I thanked him over and over and made sure he knew how grateful I was and how he made my night. He went back inside to work, inside where it wasn't raining.... i went to get my car started to drive home..and poof .my car didn't start. i sat there about ready to start crying. again. I just felt so helpless. I called my dad to come jump start my car. I had sat in my car for a few minutes and decided I would just go into the store again so I could wait for my dad out of the rain. The boy who worked there asked if everything was ok ..I told him my car had died...he said ..oh no problem..he can come jump start it for me. they have special machines that hook to the battery and it will start up super fast. He then informed me the reason it died was because I have a weak battery installed from walmart..lovely..but he told me he could jump start it. So then I call my dad back to tell him to not worry about coming out to the store to help me..and what I ended up saying to my dad went like this..."dad you don't need to come..they are jumping me right now." WOW..double WOW ..that came out wrong. lets just say.. my cute dad about died of laughter..not to mention, the two people who work at the store just about fell over from laughing so hard. I am glad I was able to make two people who looked straight out of the west side gang laugh that hard. It also made me laugh. like really laugh. like gut wrenching laugh..that laugh was very much what I needed. I love how laughter is therapy. The boy from the store told me the other person who worked at the store also drove a minivan and that I should start a minivan gang..I told him i would think about it. bahahahaha..i could start the "west side bullet" minivan gang. I decided I would do it. As of know, there is my van, and the other store employees anyone else who is in..let me know..i will get the bandannas made.

...and with is getting late..the thunder is booming my house right now.The rain is pouring down and the lighting is still lighting up the sky.

all will be well ...there are lots of things to be grateful for, despite the trials.

oh one last thing..conner played his baseball game tonight! he freakin rocked! that'A boy lil C! you make your momma proud! And you rocked it out tonight! I love watching you play baseball!