Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lil Gavinator!!

So i wanted to write a quick post so i don't forget about the funny things my lil gavinator says. He cracks me up! Last nigh,t i was making homemade chicken enchiladas. This recipe i have is a HUGE HIT at my house. Literally... my boys and husband request this meal at least TWICE a week!! I love it cause 1...its super easy and 2...its yumo delisho!!!! So it is a win win situation for us all. I start preparing the chicken and stirring in the re fried beans. The gavinator gets his chair to "help" me. He is right next to me asking me a million questions as to what i am doing. I tell him i am making chicken enchiladas. He says to me "Chick A LADAS" as he pronounced it! HAHAHA yes gavinator i am making Chick A LADAS!!! Thus that is the name that has stuck. So we ATE DELISH super yummy "Chick A LAdas" last night and it was YUMMO!!!

While i am preparing dinner:(side note) its 800 at night. I am just getting to dinner. Jesse and his little brother james are prepping our downstairs bathroom for a RE VAMP!! that is my term for "woohoo...we are getting this ugly downstairs bathroom remodeled!! WOOOOOT!!!" I am soo excited about this. We bought this house 21/2 years ago from a 80+ year old couple. And i tell you what, it has been been quite the working project. Everything(I MEANT EVERYTHING has had to be brought up to DATE. I cannot not even list how many things we have had to remodel and update in this house. So its finally the downstairs bathrooms turn. I realized I never really told the kids that daddy would be doing this today. I had been at work and then i took the boys swimming. While i am preparing dinner at a ridiculous hour gavinator hears some banging and pounding noises. He stops, looks at me..and then runs to investigate what on earth is happening. He runs into the bathroom. That is when i hear this:
"uhhhh ohhhh daddy. Uhhhh ohhhh.....daddy...uhhh...That is a poor choice. Dats(thats) where i go Peez(pee). Dat's naughty."

In the meantime jesse is ripping out some old molding that was in the bathroom above the toilet. Gavin is not at all happy that daddy is tearing up the bathroom. And then i hear..

"daddy...your making it hurt. Your making it hurt.uhhh oh...Daddy u are going to get a timeout.." hahahahahaha..poor kid was concerned. And even funnier that he was concerned that tearing out the molding was hurting the bathroom..hahahaha

We all laughed pretty love these boys...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP my little camera!

So Mr.C has been OBESSED with taking my camera and going around and taking pictures. This usually is ok because he has proven to me multiple times that he can be careful with it. I take that back..he has been SUPER ULTRA careful with it. He and Gavinator like to "suprise" me with the pics they take around the house,and i usually do not know what all the pics are until i upload them to my computer. Then i sit and laugh at all the things they have taken pictures of.

Mr. C is also old enough to understand that it is not a "toy". He really does a good job of holding it safely ,keeping the wrist strap on and so forth...u get what i mean...Well if only the little gavinator could understand this..He just SOOO BADLY wants to be just like his big brother. So on this lovely occasion about 3 days ago, I was busy working. I start to hear arguing and yelling...This is not an uncommon practive in my home...i am CONSTANTLY putting out "fires" between these two little boys. They are the best of friends, but i tell u what they FIGHT LIKE CRAZY!

Well i wanted to intervene and help with the situation. I could tell it was getting out of control so just as i was jumping up after almost hanging up on a customer..thats when i realized..CRAP!Mr.C has my camera!

..... well..lets just say I was a day late, and a buck short in getting in the room fast enough to see what was happening. I walk in..both boys are crying..the camera is on the floor...and lets just say i no longer have my awesome little point and shoot camera. With all the fighting over what who would take the next picture in the kitchen, and conner trying to "keep it safe", the poor camera got dropped on the floor, and now i have two very upset boys. They are upset cause they know they will get in trouble. I am upset because my camera in broken...and i was on a work call so i couldnt get out there fast enough. I get both boys in timeout..and then i go and rescue my camera...just to find, the lens that goes in and out when the power in on or off is totally jammed! I was soo bummed. And sad...Mr.C has been soo careful with this camera. The only reason he dropped it was because he was trying to keep it safe from the his little brother (whose two year old little hands do not quite understand the rules of how to handle mommys camera CAREFULLY). So i am one upset mommy..her awesome little camera she uses all the time has been destroyed. The crappy part too was that i had just figured out all the little gagets that this thing had. And if any of you know we well enough, it has only taken me 1+ years to figure out how to use it. I am soo bummed. But i must go and console my very upset little boys, and try to make things better. No need to have any more is over and done with.

I get this brilliant idea to go to Ritz Camera(camera repair) and see about how much it would be to fix it. That ended up being a worthless trip because they told me that it would cost $200 just to send the camera into the repair store. Then more money, depending on how long it would take to fix it. What in the HE*&?.... Are you kidding me... That stupid thing was only like $140 at Costco..Why in the WORLD would it cost more to have the crooked lens repaired...COME ON...SERIOUSLY????....That is soo Freakin stupid...and why the He$& would u charge me way MORE than the dang thing even was when i bought it in the first place...REALLY???

So TO my poor little camera..may you rest in peace...and the next time...i guess I need to make sure the boys are each shooting pics from their OWN DISPOSABLE cameras..SO there are no more arguments.. and so that i dont care if it gets accidently dropped and broken...

Here are some of the last pics taken on that lovely camera...and they were all taken by the lovely MR.C...enjoy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Oh Dear...what have i done"

I know that i have not posted in a long long long time. Our computer got nailed with a horrible virus so we have had to completely re-vamp the whole dang thing. Thank goodness for smart brother-in-law who is up here helping us this summer...he is not only helping us, but he is doing a great job at it .. he has also been a life savor when it comes to the helping us fix the freakin computer! phew...thank goodness..we love you James...

So i don't have my pics up and running i am going to have a ton of posts to catch up on..but i wanted to write about my lovely evening with my two little boys.

We had a super duper fun day out with one of my old friends from high school. She was here visiting her sister from out of town. I was way excited to her. We havnt seen each other for who knows how has been a LONG TIME!! So since she was in town, i could not wait to get together and see her! We had soo much to catch up on!....We had a busy busy super duper fun day. We had a blast and i loved being able to hang out with you Becca!! It was awesome...and i need a copy of those pics!:)I hope my boys didnt scare you off! hahahaha! we want you to come back! hahahaha!

When i got home this afternoon, i was trying to just take it easy and relax, since Sunday to Monday I had the worst case of the stomach flu EVER!!..I was tired..and warn out! It was a super duper fun busy day and I was ready to just relax, and count down the hours until bed time for my little munchkins.

Well the boys were trying to self entertain. I heard alot of giggling and laughing from them on the couch. As i look up, I notice Mr. C has stuffed a towel down his shirt to form a lump. I then notice the gavinator doing the same thing. They were laughing soo hard and i couldn't figure out what they were doing. Their laughter would not stop, and so i looked up to ask them what they were doing...and they told me,"look mom...we made boobs" oh dear!!...I almost died...What on earth...and Why?? ...and that was the game that entertained them for hours until bedtime...All i have to say is "oh dear...what have i done?"