Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take a minute ...READ THIS

So I was checking out one of my besties blogs she posted about this link yesterday about an article she had run across. I cannot even tell you how awesome this is...GO here and READ THIS ...I promise it is worth your time.. this girl can seriously write.

(apparently my link button isnt working so you will have to copy and paste it to read..but trust is worth the extra two seconds that will take.

There is a story behind EVERYTHING....It is so sad to me that we are more empathetic and understanding to others when we know the story behind their actions, attitude, etc...

We must see past what it seems.

I know with me personally, this hit me particulary hard right now.

I need to get things put back into perpective of what I will do more of...

I hope we all can be better at seeing the signs before needing to be humbled by having to hear the story.

Thank you "miguel" for posting this:) I am missing my ptown besties. just sayin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

happy mothers Day?

It is official. Both my boys are in school. Happy Mothers Day to Me? Except..I am still needing to get used to this me time. It is so unreal to me to think that I no longer have any little babies at home. I feel a little lost to tell you the truth.(anyone have a baby i can borrow?) Except for I feel like all I do with my time now, is go back and forth to and from the bus stop most of the day.

Con Man takes off for the bus at 7:25 every morning.

Gavin takes off for the bus at 8:45.

Gavin comes home at 12:25

Conner comes home at 2:25.

Wow ..that kinda felt like I was writing a DR. Seuss book!

So of course I gotta get in on the record the cutest Kindergartner EVER....but.. like I have mentioned before ....I am a little biast..

The Gavinator on his first day of school!

Yes.. that is usually how the first pic goes when I take this ones is either that...or sometimes he pretends to be "gansta"

Speaking of "gansta" ...he loves to wear this "grill"(I hope u can even see the "grill" due to the small pic.

I mean..seriously. I just hope he doesn't turn into this "gansta" grandpa when he is old...aren't the shorts the COOLEST! Definitely my new FAV! Wonder if I could them them in a size 5 for little G?

I just love this handsome little man. I am a little saddened that his adorable cheeks are slowly disappearing as he turns into a little boy though.

Here he is checking out what it means to line up at his bus stop with all the big kids. for the record..he didn't even miss me. nor was he scared. he in fact refused to let me drive him to school on the first day. And I am pretty sure I was the only kinder mom who walked away before the bus even drove off.. amazingly enough I didn't cry.

This is one of Con Man's best buds here in good ol happy valley. It melted my heart to see how he took the big brother roll and makes sure every morning that gavin is ok on the bus. He also walks him to his class. how cute is that. Can you see the Smile on my little boys face...A d o r a b l e.

So there you have it. An official happy mothers day to me of sorts. Except I miss them already............................................................................................... even when the little one leaves behind his special vanilla milk I bought him a week ago in the car without me knowing ended up EXPLODING all over my car... and well apparently due to the heat these things can EXPODE like a BOMB...I love when i dont know about these "special" things that are left behind in the car. I got to spend over 5 hours cleaning up milk bomb "explosion" EVERYWHERE. You can imagine due to the heat and a week long of fermenting how amazingly awesome my car must smell... lets just say it is a good thing this little kindergartner is cute. And I sure hope the car can start to smell better... it is never good to start out your day gagging every time you have to drive somewhere.