Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Conner's "mini me"

So for the con man's first homework assignment, they brought home these little paper people. The homework was for the moms and dads to work with their child and make it look just like them. They said you could use whatever you wanted to make the "mini me" look like your child. We actually had a blast making it. I had at first mumbled about this project because he got the assignment when i was in the middle of strep..and i had no energy to start this. Poor Jesse was slammed last week with trying to pick up the slack with and helping me so we just didn't get around to this.

Last night we started to work on his little guy. He was due today. Jesse and I both had a blast planning and working with Conner. Conner loved "shopping online" to pick out the shirt to wear with his camo shorts. He had a hard time choosing but decided that "star wars" was the one it had to be. He is obsessed with star wars. He was soo excited to cut daddy's old camo shorts and make them into shorts for his "mini me" *(daddy's shorts had holes and were ready to be junked anyway!) He was sooo excited to find the same "chuck taylors" he wears so he could make sure his little Conner looked just like him. We worked long and hard on this little project...and i love love love how it turned out!

The funny part...this homework assignment was due today. They wanted all the mini me's up on the board for the parent teacher conference tonight. Well, Conner returned home from school this afternoon, and I looked in his backpack..and guess who was still in there...his mini me...oppps....first homework assignment, and he forgets to turn it in. I hope this doesn't become a habit. hahahaha! It looks like mini me gets to have a sleepover in the backpack tonight...again...and tomorrow he can hopefully make it to the wall like was was supposed too!

" The mini conner!"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh the places he sleeps....

I was heading up the stairs one night..only to barely miss stepping on this....

I walk into my boys room to kiss them goodnight...and i see this...

I have found him like this numerous times during nap time too...but he has toys surrounding him.

I have blogged before about him sleeping here..

Apparently the bed is not good enough. this crazy kid...and the places i find him sleeping. I don't get it..i cannot sleep anywhere but my bed...and this nut could sleep wherever...whenever..and totally be fine with it. Gotta love it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day Craziness!

Update on my week of craziness:
Today, i am recovering from strep throat. Conner has had ongoing stomach pain for two days. LAst week conner and gavin had strep throat. I was hoping he was all better....then last night more craziness hit my house. It all started two nights ago when i heard someone puking. I woke up, jumped out of bed...then killed over in pain. My head body throat felt like someone had sliced it open and poured alcohol down it...i was feeling like CRAP. I knew i had a fever and i felt like i was dying. It hit out of nowhere.

I come back to my senses to the sound of wretching. Poor con man was puking in the other bathroom. He just had strep last week, so i knew it wasn't that. He also did not have a fever or diarrhea. hummm....wierd.....must be a flu virus. Well the next morning he was playing fine. The only sign from him being sick the night before was the sign of grouchiness(lack of sleep) and not eating. The only symptom between now and then is no appetiate. He does not want to eat.

So i was in bed last night at like 700.(due to being horribly sick).. once again...i was woke up at midnight to the sound of him crying cause he was throwing up again. NO...not today! is the first day of school. I would feel soo bad if he missed this. He has looked forward to this day for soooo long. His stomach pains were getting worse...He is complaining about it and doubling over in pain. I touch his stomach. The first part of the night it is all around. Then as the night goes on,it is hitting the right side. I just layed awake by his side to try to calm him. I called the DR first thing in the morning...dont worry..j and i watched him all night long.

. Last night, jesse and i were soooo bummed when he was not doing soo well. He had been soo excited for this day ..we felt so bad that he might not be able to enjoy it. We were worried...Of course.. this all goes down when when our normal dr is not in the office! joy! So, we get in to see someone else. Great... The appointment was a total waste of time...(do not even get me started on that tangent)...but i was told he was not contagious. The dr didnt even really give him the time of day, but he did tell me that if he got worse during the day, the school would call us. They didnt really know what was going on. We know he is in alot of pain..but no one quite knows why. They bascially shooed us out the door.... ..I was worried it was the beginning of appendencitis. I was told if he had appendecitis then he would start vomiting alot and he would run a high fever..(great i guess i will just sit around and wait for those symptoms) What? OK.., so we leave....confused.. The Dr did mention since he hadnt thrown up since midnight, and he wasnt throwing up now ..i should try to send him and see how he did. Ok..i guess if he feels better by 1130 today i will send him. But that is only if he is not doubled over in pain like he had been.

Mr hubs and i consulted. We figured if he was going to have horrible stomach pains at home maybe he would get distracted at school and not notice them as bad. If it gets worse,then I knew the school would call us to come and get him. I felt bad cause he hadnt slept all night and was tired. oh well..Its the first day of school and he really wanted to be there to figure it all out. So now its time to get ready for school.

Why cant we all be well...please?? For at least a month? That is all i ask. REally is this too much? Ok i would like a year? a whole year of no sickies.

So today was marks the first day of school. The First day of craziness, and the first day it all begins!

We made it out the door just in time for him to catch his bus. Conner still had pain but he is excited to get to school. Poor gavin loved seeing the bus and was soo excited..that is until the bus drove off with his brother. He started crying on my shoulder. He missed conner. He wanted to go with him. This of course, along with the "im not feeling so hot" me, started to cry..I was teary ..gavin was crying..i look over and even jesse was a little teary.(even if he doesn't admit it)Our baby was on his way to school. He didnt feel great...but he wanted to give it a try... He is growing up. Life is going to get soo hectic around here. Which is alot since it is already crazy busy. My babies are getting older.

Sigh....He made it on the bus...He made it to his class...He made it back to the bus, and apparently made it home by himself.

I was told to pick him up at 240 from the bus stop. So, that is what I planned on doing. I then get this tiny knock on my door at 200. I thought ? who on earth could that be?...conner should not be here for another 40 min. I open the door to see his smiling face. The bus was stopped in front of my house( which normally the bus stop is on the corner of our house, just down the block) The bus driver was watching to make sure he made it in. He kinda gave me a funny look like(hey lady..this is your kids first day..why the He$* were u not at the bus stop.) I glance at the other kids one the bus...all of which are older, a few are glaring at me...I waved to the bus driver and asked conner how get got to the house.

Me: " conner. how did you get to the house? did the bus driver drop u off in front of the house?"

Conner: "nope. he dropped me off at the bus stop. I didn't see u there, so i started to run home. He turned the bus around to follow me to the house. Mommy..i was running and he was following me! He was slower than me!

Me: "oh man...I had chuckled but it was sort of a nervous chuckle. That is soo nice of him to follow you home. I am glad he watched u get home safely.(I then feel like an A-hole of a mom cause i wasn't able to meet my son at the bus stop on the first day.) Why didn't i meet him? Cause i apparently did not know school was out at 200 today. I was never told this. I had no documents to tell me this. I just assumed school was out the normal time.

I hug conner and we talk all about his first day. I then head to the phone to call the school and figure out why the heck i didn't know my kid would be here 40 min early. It was all a mix up from the beginning when the school called me a month ago to let me know he was in am kindergarten. It was a huge suprise when he had his open house yesterday. We find out he was not in am..he was in pm. That is a big difference. I would loved to have known these things b4 and been more prepared. But then i stepped back and realized i needed to count my blessings. I was soo grateful that i had not run any errends today. I was actually counting my blessings for being sick which caused me to be home- bound. Shesh.. I never thought i would be greatful for being sick. Especially this has been he*# (if you know what im saying.)

Apparently his kindergarten teacher is new to teaching this year..and new to the school, so i think she must not have known or remembered to tell us yesterday at the orientation that school was out at 200 today. Now i know..and i can be prepared for his arrival tomorrow at 200. Oh well..things could have been aLOT WORSE! He made it through his first day! I made it through...And here is to the next wonderful school year and many more crazy stories that will come!

I love you conner..i am soo glad u loved your first day of school! if we can figure out this stomach thing..that would be great!:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Sanctuary! (one of them)

When Jesse and i bought this house..we knew it had soo much potential...but we also knew we would have to put in a TON OF SWEAT EQUITY..and i mean a TON. We bought this house from a little old couple, and she had some really awful taste. Let's just say her choice of pink and teal was WAYYYYYY over used! We have been slowly project at a time. This summer, I really wanted to get my downstairs bathroom done.... We still have the floors to do, but that will come...eventually.

I have been visitng one of my favorite store's alot lately. I love getting ideas. It is one of my fav places to check out. Good ol' Restoration Hardware. I love their paint color pallet. Some of you may not even realize they actually sell paint. And it is heavenly!..though it is expensive. So we got a tiny sample and then we color match it through home depot (makes it soooo much cheaper.) Gotta love Home Depot! I have been in love with this one color for quite a long time know. In fact ..this color is what inspired me to do my living room the way i did. I love it! They have some freaking awesome colors. I was soo excited to get the remodel started. Not to mention, I was soo excited to have it looking purty for when we had all that company a while ago. Thanks to my awesome brother in law, James..and jesse...and a little bit of me...we got the downstairs bathroom done! I love it! This is what we did 4th of july weekend..what a fun 4th of july! hahaha! I am just soo happy it is done. It is actually enjoyable to sit and do your businessin there.(if you know what I'm saying).. It is soo peaceful...there is nothing better than pooping in a peaceful atmosphere right? And for any of you that get all disgusted here...get over it...People Poop. In of our favorite books around here is called "everyone poops!" My kids can quote it word for word. are some before and afters...sorry i didn't take as many b4's..


And ..(here is the drum roll)....."The After!"