Monday, March 28, 2011

Holi Festival twenty eleven!

Looks like I found a new family tradition out here in this ol promised land. We got to go celebrate the Holi festival out here in ol springville, ut. Who woulda thunk that this crazy beautiful building would be sittin out in the middle of farm country...amazingly beautiful ain't it!

Yesterday we went to what is more commonly known as the festival of Coloouuurs! It was unlike anything i have ever been to...and being a portlander..we have have been to many many cool festivals.. but not one quite like this. It was seriously so freakin awesome. I am not sure who had more fun...the mom's... or the kids! it was sooo freakin awesome! I learned that this festival is a ritual done by the hindu religion. Holi marks the end of the winter gloom and rejoices in the bloom of the spring time. So we took advantage of it, oh yes we did.

this is going to be a picture *overload* ...but i just loved all of them all sooo freakin much!
the best part was walking up to this hindu we were walking we of course had not been "hit" with our first wad of color yet...well the kids would yell to the crowds of people walking by to hit em..and hit em they did! one lady even tried to ask gavin for a hug. ?who does that?..some strange lady wanting to hug my 4 year old...ewww wierd and gross...he of course has good stranger danger and said no. I then remembered where we were at, and realized she wanted to get color all over us since we were white. So my friend melissa and I decided to go ahead and give her a good ol hug. boy of boy..that was interesting to say the least!

And it is still a mystery how this lil princess was able to stay so colorfree....but lil zaya sure was adorable probably being the only one of thousands left barely unscathed!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

little rascals

The little Rascals. ? who is with me on this being one of the coolest movies of all times back when we were little? When this movie first came out, it was one of my FAVORITE'S . i remember being a kid and i would watch it with my lil brother over and over and over. we just loved this movie.

I introduced my kids to this movie sometime is now one of their absolute favorite movie's EVER. they can watch it over and over and over. Each time they watch, they laugh and laugh and laugh. which makes me laugh because i did that same thing as a little girl.

Both of my boys got a big "makeover's" a few weeks ago. It had taken some time for their mama and daddio to decide if doing that was what was best for them. I wanted to make sure they were both on board with wanting to go with the dramatic change..Our kids LOVED their LONG LOCKS. They have been sporting the "surfer boy" or "skater boy"(as gavinator would call it) look for quite some time now.

Now, I know I am little biased, but, I think my chillens are both super adorable. long hair, short hair..i just plain ol' think they are A-D-O-R-D-A-B-L-E, adorable with a capital "A" Hair is hair after can always grow back.

We had found out a little bit ago that apparently C-man had some kids teasing him and starting to bully him at school due to his hair. I didn't want to give in to the little craps(the bullies), but i also didn't want my son being teased. Nobody wants that for their children. I absolutely have a zero tolerence for bullies and bullying behavior. I do not like it one bit. I have tried really hard to teach that to my children. I am so glad they are realizing that bullying is NOT ok. Apparently, the county we live, well it seems to have alot of old fashioned rednecks. I feel like they raise their kids to think a certain "look" is not ok. Apparently children, moreover boys, with longer hair, is considered one of "those". I was going to go off on a tangent about this, but i am not. I simply refuse.

My hubster and I gave it some thought and we decided to have the kids get "makeovers"(if they wanted to) and see if that helped anything on the school front.

... as soon as "auntie alex' starting shaping and cutting away some of the locks on each boys head, she made this for the C Man!...He was so EXCITED how much he looked like alfa alfa on little rascals. (thus the entro to the little rascals)(sorry for the poor pic quality)

Con Mans Before and After's

i love his face while he is being taught how to style it!

...and i had to throw this picture in because he stood in the mirror and just smiled while he was checking out his new was so freakin cute!

Gavinators' before and Afters

All in all between the two little rascals we cut off about 11 inches of hair(combined of course)

The hair cuts were a HIT. And the thankfully... the teasing has stopped at school as well.YAY! so all in all, it was a sucess! well, that was until little gavinator tried to go to bed that first night of his big haircut. you see...he has to twirl his finger around his hair. It helps him to relax and fall asleep(he has done it since he was a little tiny baby). He quickly realized that he didnt have enough hair to do that. So as cute as we all think they both look..the gavinator asked that VERY night if he could grow it back to the "surfer boy" hair again! ahahahahaha.
i love these cuties!