Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Special people of Utah

What happens in Utah (I'm not going to mention which city, but it is very nearish to utah lake) when you have garage sales. Well..we all know the saying "if you build it they will come" well, thanks to my neighbor..she built it and I decided to last minute be apart of it...and I TELL it was hysterical.

Check out the few special guests that hit up the garage sale...

Can someone please tell me if she is wearing shorts..I mean, I am all about garage sales but I know, me personally, I am pretty sure I would like the world to see I truly did have shorts on ..I would hate to leave people to "wonder" and let their imaginations run wild. Oh Dear.It felt a little uncomfortable and I was honestly a little sad for this poor lady. She was nice enough and bought all sorts of trinkets and treasures..I just for a little bit didn't know if I dare look or not.
..(thank goodness..bless her soul..she was)They were just,I would say,a tad too short) I am all about over sized T-Shirts....I would just prefer a little longer shorts.

Then we get this DUDE...I mean...really..SERIOUSLY????......It was as if Crocodile Dundee was out on the loose..except this version was really interesting...
old...sweaty..hairy..smelly..Did I mention you could see his bumm crack (yes, mommy I
used bumm instead of butt..but i much prefer to say butt).. I am pretty sure I mentioned hairy. The pics just do not do it justice. This guy sure did make for some good laughs. I am pretty sure everyone stopped in their tracks when he arrived...I much prefer the real crocodile Dundee.His belt buckle was made out of probably someones bones..but no really was some sort of bone.... I am not even going to mention that when he decided to buy something I was the lucky one to receive his money...a one dollar bill. NOT in a wallet like most people do..but it was tucked deep deep down towards the nether regions...this one dollar bill that he pulled deep down out of his front pocket of his jeans, was wet..sick..oh so so sooo sick.. It was a super hot day that day..lets just say I about barfed when he handed me the dollar and it was all was so gross. I had to wash my hands about a million times. It still sickens me to think of how far down the dollar bill was tucked...ok i am sick to my stomach again.We also hid kids inside!(ok not really..the kids really were already inside..)

Zoom in on the picture at your own risk.

Speaking of hiding kids inside..

This gentlemen was at a children's event that was put on by the city.... ummm...did I
mention it was a children's event. It was a bird/reptile show. FOR CHILDREN..this dude gets spotted in the look closely at this pic..does it look like he is the father of all the children surrounding him? ummm...I think not..I am pretty sure he is also not an uncle or close relative looks a little bit creepy if you ask me..but i am just sayin...

look closely you can see that i tried to zoom in on the pics a little bit.....

Look up at the above picture again...Do you notice the little girl off to the left who looks like she is crying..

did you notice the little girl looking away from him probably trying to spot her mom to come and save her. He was, by the way not with any of the girls..but i am still totally creeped out by his reasoning for being a children's show..sitting by all those little girls..I am not so sure if he was their to check out the reptiles "prey" or "prey" on all the children at the show...not cool.

The grateful dead Tye die shirt wasn't working for me..or for him for that matter. I did however keep a very close eye on all the kids around him to make sure everyone stayed safe. but seriously...

S E R I O U S L Y.
that is all I have to say.



Yikes! That is scary. Makes me rethink my plans to have a garage sale.


Man, I need you in my life. I always loved how I could talk you into taking pictures of creeps when we were out and about. Remember that g-funk elderly man at the fair?

This post was hilarious! Miss you!!!!!