Tuesday, August 23, 2011

goodbye summer

This little boy started his first day of second grade today. Today officially ended our little summer hiatus.

A good friend of mine had said a few weeks ago it would feel like mothers day when both kids got into school:)I guess for me i have to wait another week..but for all of you others mommies who had their kids go back to school today..happy mothers day!

It will be nice to have the kiddos get back on a schedule again..but this morning was not exactly the way i had thought the morning would go. It left my youngest throwing a massive meltdown after we got back from taking his older brother to the bus stop. In fact, it took me over two hours to get the littest calm enough to even talk to me this morning. And it broke my heart. He was just sad that his best friend left him all day for school.(he doesnt start until next week.)So it took me getting pretty creative to get him out of his sad little mood. How come it works so much better on everyone elses kids..but my feels like it takes me forever to cheer them up again.

The oldest made it home. He had a good day. We talked about his class. His teacher, his school friends that he got to know, all those fun things that us mommies want to hear about the minute they walk in the door.He had said he had a good day.

About an hour later.. he decided he wanted me to take him to buy him some pokemon cards(this is about a daily matter how many cards he already owns.) I told him I wouldnt(I know..I dare I say no), so he also is having a tantrum like you would not think an 8 year old could produce. Good times Good times. Now I completely understand what my mom went through when i was little and threw my temper tantrums. hahahahaha..i guess what goes around does actually come around. I will be glad when we get used to our new schedule, then we all can be able to get through the day without such massive meltdowns:)

At least the little one is not sad anymore. You kow when you get to the point where you feel like you either laugh or cry..well i had that this afternoon so i went with laughing. I am sure the crying with come later. I have been attempting to straighten the house today. The littlest has been really excited to use scissors and pratice cutting paper today, so i have been finding small pieces of paper all over the place..And i mean ALL OVER THE PLACE. He has been busy working hard on his masterpieces so i gotta just roll with it and laugh. The oldest during his temper tantrum decided to throw everything that he could get his hand onto. So now that he has calmed down, he is learning the hard way about having to clean up what he destroyed.

is it bedtime yet? At least is it bedtime for mommy yet?

Here is to one more week before the little one starts kindergarten.

Here is to more massive meltdowns.. is to being able to snuggle them after they have calmed down and realize that their momma still loves them dearly. we will make it through. one minute at a time:)



Wow, Conner looks SO OLD!!!! He looks just like Seth but with dark hair!

I'm SO glad we have a few more weeks of summer. This post made me miss you and your kids so much.